Rollerdrome: 100% Achievements Guide

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in Rollerdrome.



This guide is still a bit of a work in progress.
If there are any inaccuracies please inform me so I can update the guide as needed.

No achievements are missable, any mission played can be replayed.


Half Way
Complete 50% of the Challenges in the main Campaign

Complete 100% of the Challenges in the main Campaign

Each level in the campaign has 10 challenges. You don’t need to finish all of them in 1 try, neither do you even have to finish the stage for the completion to save.
While most challenges are self-explanatory, here’s some of the more notable challenges and how to do them:

Civerra Summit:
Eliminate the SNIPER atop the column with a Slug Shot from above

A little bit finicky to get, make sure to take the ramp next to the pillar at an angel and jump to the other side of the pillar, Slug Shot when you reach the peak.
The pillar in question:

Green Bay Mall:
Eliminate a ground level House Player while grinding on the top level

Also seems to be very finnicky to get, if you don’t get it right away, try it from some other locations.

Zabriskie Research
Eliminate a POLYBEAM using a single Super Reflex Z-11 shot

You need to fire a fully charged shot while Super Reflex is active.

Eliminate a WARHEAD with the Grenade Launcher before touching the canyon floor
Aim for the WARHEAD directly below and slightly right from the starting ramp.
Only the final hit has the be a Grenade Launcher shot.
First shoot a Grenade, then use the Dual Pistols to weaken the WARHEAD while the Grenade still travels to the WARHEAD.


Finish a Match without taking any damage

Can very easily be done on the first stage, play it safe and take your time if you have to.

Finish a Match in a single Combo

You will have to do this if you’re aiming to do all challenges, otherwise easily done on the first stage.

One for the Record Books
Perform a single Combo worth more than 3,000,000

Can be a bit tricky.
There’s a good chance you get this on the final stage as you’re completing that in a single combo. If you’re not getting enough points, make sure to do a variety of tricks and grinds to score inbetween kills.

Never Outgunned
Beat the Spider Tank Mk. I without taking any damage

Can be done on the stage Eiger Resort.
After playing through the first zone you will have to fight this boss.
If you end up getting hit, you can go to the menu to hit restart and restart directly from the boss to try again without having to replay the level.

Two Birds
Eliminate 2 House Players with a single Z-11 shot

You have to do this on the final stage as a challenge.
Get 2 enemies down to low health, line them up and use a charged shot to get this achievement.
Can be done right at the start using the MECHA BRUT, STOMPER

Three’s a Crowd
Eliminate 3 House Players with a single Grenade

Can be done on the final stage the same way as you can do the Two Birds achievements except this time you can add a GRUNT to the mix.

Finish a level using only Slug Shots

Can easily be done on the first stage.
Take your time to make sure you nail every shot.

Every Trick in the Book
Perform every Grab Trick in a single Match

Strike A Pose
Perform every Grind in a single Match

Can be done easily on the first stage.
In the pause menu, check the Tricktionary for all available Grab and Grind Tricks and take your time performing them.

Out For Blood

Welcome to Rollerdrome
Finish a Match in the Out For Blood Campaign

All in a Day’s Work
Finish every Match in the Out For Blood Campaign

Glutton for Punishment
Complete 100% of the Challenges in the Out For Blood Campaign

The hardest achievements in the game.
The Out For Blood campaign unlocks after beating the main campaign. Most challenges resolve around scoring, time and combo’s.
Same ruling for the challenges in the main campaign apply to this.
Good luck!

Main Story (Unmissable)

Warming Up
Play through and finish the Entry Tests

Finish your first Match

Ready for Anything
Complete every Tutorial exercise

Quarter Finalist
Reach the Quarters

Semi Finalist
Reach the Semis

Reach the Final

Complete the main Campaign

Thanks to Draynoth for his excellent guide, all credit to his effort. if this guide help you, please support it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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