Rogue Legacy 2: All Scars of Erebus Locations

A guide for Rogue Legacy2 players. Where to find all the scars of Erebus


Where to find all the scars of Erebus

Hello everyone, today I will tell you where to find all the Scars of Erebus, (a guide for those who started a new game+ or passed all the bosses) so the first secret is located in the very first room after loading to take it, you need to take an archer, just jump, press F we have a platform, and then just press R. The next secret on the bridge near the entrance to the sun tower (to take it, you need a dwarf) we pass through the door, and approach the left wall as shown in the screenshot if you play as a dwarf, you can pass by pressing R. The next secret in the winter location, in Heirloom, we just reach the statue, break the wall behind the statue and pass we go down and pick up another Scar of Erebus. and the last Scar of Erebus is located at the very top of the castle, we find a room like this, we pass through the door in the middle, and stand up here, also press R and go to the secret room, there will be the last Scar of Erebus.

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