Roboquest: Guardian Perk Tier List (Ratings + Builds)

Rating all primary perks for Guardian. Secondary perks are considered when valuing a primary perk, as well as synergy with other perks.
Ratings all considered for Heroes +3 difficulty.
Remember this is just my OPINION, and our experiences might be vastly different.


Tier List

S Tier

Stim Bubble:
While Safety Bubble is active, increases movement speed by 20% and weapons firerate by 50%.

  • Arsenal Bubble:
    While Safety Bubble is active, grants infinite ammo.
  • Fusion Bubble:
    Taking down an enemy while Safety Bubble is active regenerates 8% of it.

Easily the best perk to pick up on guardian. Infinite ammo has great synergy with the Guardian’s passive Top Quality, allowing you to rapidly fire off shots all buffed by the passive and the perks surrounding it, while Fusion Bubble is a no-brainer on extending the godmode that Stim Bubble becomes.

Every 4 shots increases your next weapon shot damage by 60%.

  • Trinity:
    Reduces the number of shots required to trigger Quadrinity to 3.
  • Sharpshooter:
    Quadrinity shot is always critical.

While it doesn’t explicitly synergize with the other perks, it’s incredibly strong on its own right. Getting the full set of secondary perks is a chunky damage increase in DPS especially if you aren’t keen on hitting weakpoints, which with how thick and fast Guardian might like to play is a good boon. You truly can’t go wrong with this one.

A Tier

Solar Panel:
Reduces Safety Bubble cooldown by 10%. Gathering healing-cell regenerates 3% of Safety Bubble.

  • Blue-Screen:
    Your first hit against a common enemy has 8% chance to instantly execute it.
  • Scrap Recycling:
    Picking up healing-cell refunds 1 ammo and 2% energy.

Amazing for keeping your bubble stocked. Would be S-tier, if not for mediocre secondary perks, and being hard to use against bosses. Blue screen is a joke, and scrap recycling is OK, but really only a convenience if you really don’t wanna weapon switch. Very worth it, but don’t focus too much on the secondaries.

Elemental Bubble:
Choose an element. Recalling Safety Bubble triggers an explosion dealing damage of that element.

  • Elemental Catalyst:
    Triggering Elemental Bubble increases burn damage by 20% for 6s.
  • Maximum Charge:
    Increases Elemental Bubble explosion maximum damage by 50%.

Amazing room clearing tool. A full bar of shield can do about 2 maximum bubble explosions which is more than enough to chunk down a majority of a room all while being mostly safe. Combined with Solar panel or Stim bubble, you can steam roll most rooms of enemies, but it becomes a little harder to use against bosses. I recommend Fire.

Lucky Ammo:
Increases critical damage by 10%. Increases Top Quality shots auto-critical chance by 25%.

  • Curry Paste:
    Increases explosions and melee auto-critical chance by 20%.
  • Jackpot:
    Critical hits have 15% chance to deal 50% increased damage.

Good damage increase with good synergy with other perks like Arsenal Bubble, My Better Half, Scrap Recycling, or even Infinite Mag. Curry Paste is the crux of Guardian’s explosive build and a great damage increase when using Power Gloves or Chainsaw, and Jackpot is a simply good overall pickup.

Close Quarter:
Increases weapons damage by 35% against enemies within 7m.

  • Frontliner:
    While an enemy is within 7m, increases armor by 10%.
  • Lucky Shot:
    Increases weapons auto-critical chance by 10%.

Chunky damage increase that’s easy to fulfill thanks to Guardians shield. Frontliner is good, and Lucky Shot is nice alongside Lucky Ammo, but the real draw is the primary here.

B tier

Safe Space:
While Safety Bubble is active, repairs 5% of your scratch damage every second.

  • Stubbornness:
    While you have no scratch damage, increases armor by 15%.
  • Well Polished:
    While you have no scratch damage, increases damage by 15%.

Great boost to survivability and a neat little damage increase with Well Polished, but a little overshadowed by Solar Panel and it’s synergies. Good pickup if you want some extra beef, but I usually err on the side of “The Best Defense is a Good Offense”, especially with Guardian.

My Better Half:
Increases Top Quality bonus damage by 10%. Top Quality now triggers on first 50% ammo or energy gauge.

  • Bottom Pack:
    While below 50% ammo in clip or above 50% energy gauge, increases firerate by 30%.
  • Crazy Frog:
    While airborne, increases weapons and Bash damage by 10%.

Very nice pickup with Lock n Load and Lucky Ammo, otherwise a rather modest damage increase.

Elemental Weapon:
Choose an element. All your weapons also deal damage of that element.

  • Elemental Arc:
    Every 5s, your next weapons shot fires a piercing elemental arc dealing 105 damage.
  • Elemental Obstinacy:
    Increases elemental damage by 100% against enemies with elemental resistance.

It’s an ok damage increase, but doesn’t really synergize with the rest of the perks except for Elemental Bubble due to Obstinacy, while also not being as effective as Quadrinity.

Warning Device:
Increases health by 10%. Every 3s, taking damage triggers an explosion dealing 30 damage and applying high impact.

  • Danger Analysis:
    Warning Device’s explosion marks.
  • Double Safety:
    While Warning Device is on cooldown, increases armor by 40%.

Great survivability tool when playing super in the thick of things, but yet again a bit overshadowed by Solar Panel. Both the secondary perks are solid, but I wish Double Safety lasted a bit longer, and Danger Analysis had a bit more range.

Lock N’ Load:
Increases reload speed by 20%. Reloading a weapon increases firerate by 40% for 4s.

  • Gun Diet:
    Increases firerate by 25% while below 50% ammo in clip or above 50% energy gauge.
  • Infinite Mag:
    Triggering Lock N’ Load grants infinite ammo for 1.5s.

Pretty good dps perk when combined with My Better Half and Lucky Ammo, though is a little unsynergistic with Arsenal Bubble. Best combined with low mag-size weapons like Pumping Shotgun.

C Tier

Line Breaker:
Increases health by 10%. Hitting an enemy with Bash or performing a headbonk increases movement speed by 20% and armor by 20%

  • Bonk Bubble:
    While Safety Bubble is active, performing a headbonk triggers an explosion dealing 37 damage.
  • Eye of the Tiger:
    While Line Breaker is active, increases melee weapons firerate and Bash attack speed by 35%.

A good pickup if looking to do a Power Gloves / Chainsaw build thanks to Eye of the Tiger, but otherwise the conditions to fulfill the effect are too much of a hassle / risky for any other build.

D tier

Bonk Hammer:
Transforms Bash into Bonk Hammer and increases its damage by 75%.

  • Flex Handle:
    While Safety Bubble is active, increases Bonk Hammer attack speed by 50%.
  • Wrecking Ball:
    Increases Bonk Hammer damage by 50% against frozen, stunned and staggered enemies.

Funny, but Guardian just doesn’t have the kind of support necessary for a full Melee build. Has very little synergy with the rest of Guardians perks. Just use Power Gloves or Chainsaw.

Tactical Slap:
Every 6s, your next Bash fires a piercing arc over 9m, dealing 75% increased damage and repairing 10% of your scratch damage.

  • Surprise Backslap:
    Using Tactical Slap has 35% chance to instantly recover its cooldown.
  • Tactical Load:
    Using Tactical Slap instantly refills all your ammo and energy.

Your points are generally better off put elsewhere. Only really good if you want to proc Line breaker easier, but Line Breaker isn’t even that good, and the secondary perks on this aren’t the greatest either.

Punch Bolt:
Every 1.4s your next weapon shot fires 2 sparks dealing 7 damage and applying high impact.

  • Extra Guests:
    Punch Bolt’s sparks ricochet on 1 enemy within 8m, dealing 50% damage.
  • Punch Gatling:
    Taking damage increases Punch Bolt’s sparks firerate by 200% for 6s.

It just sucks. Impact is ok but it doesn’t affect bosses like shock or cryo does, and the damage is awful, with the secondary perks designed seemingly with the idea that it does.

Build Suggestions

These are some baseline perks for each build, but there are other perks that would benefit the builds too.


Use your shield to keep close for Close Quarter and Arsenal Bubble to stay at the Top Quality threshold, boosting your damage with Lucky Ammo. Triple Shotgun is amazing with this build.

Bubble burster

Clear rooms with elemental bubble and use Solar Panel to get that shield back more often for more bubbles. Just make sure to pick up other perks to help with bosses, like Quadrinity.

Mag dumper

The combined fire rate bonuses from Lock n Load and My Better Half let you blow through magazines quick, keeping you at Top Quality more often.


Combined with either Power Gloves or a Chainsaw, use Line breaker and your Bubble to rush down enemies and give them a wallop. Great with Lucky Ammo or Quadrinity.

Thanks to Avian Zebra for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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