Robocraft 2: Quick Guide for New Players (WIP)

A guide writen by pre-alpha testers for new players.
The game tutorial (tech ladder) itself fails to explain some mechanics, Including health (especially health) so we decided to try and make our own.
Also the guide is work in progress



Health system in RC2 is not explained in the game at all, so we felt like this section should be the first
Especially after seeing a lot of bots built out of large 9x9x9 blocks, or small 1x1x1 blocks, all of which have awful durability.

Let’s start from the basics.

  • Cubes do not have health, instead, it’s connections between the blocks that have them.
  • Connection Health is based on connection perimeter
  • Then connection health is multiplied by the weakest connected material (placing heavy material on light will make it’s connections are as durable as light material connections)
  • (NB: in future it will be changed to the average of connected materials instead of minimum)
  • Which means, the most effective strategy for health is stacking 9x9x1 blocks or even plates blocks.
  • When using 3x3x3 or 2x2x2 Joints try to place them on multiple horizontal blocks instead, that way they won’t get destroyed in a second.

Tip: You can resize joints by holding [Shift] while [Mouse Scroll Up/Down].


Logic sounds scarier than it really is. If anything, Math blocks are more scary.

  • Logic signals can be either positive (+1), negative (-1), or 0.
  • When connecting a wire to Left/Right, Left will output -1 signal, and right will output +1, similar happens with forward/backwards.

And basic math stuff:

  • There’s also signals between 0 and 1, such as 0.55 or -0.3.
  • Powering a joint or other blocks such as (antigravs or thrusters) with +0.5 signal will cause it to work with half the force.
  • Logic blocks only accept signals higher than 0.5 and will always convert them to 1.
  • Math blocks don’t do that.

Tip: Connecting the integer block to the Multiplier block and any other signal will cause it to work like a toggleable integer block


  • To rename or retake the robocraft’s thumbnail screenshot, enter build mode on a robocraft you want, press esc, and press save, and press “Take Screnshot”
  • To make a good flyer you will need to compromise armor and especially weight.
    (or if you using DashTheFlash’s potato design, you don’t have to sacrifice armor. It’s just too OP.)
  • You can reposition your Robocraft by pressing arrow keys, if you want to move it forward, press , .
  • Certain blocks are limited to X and Z (i.e plates) and movement/weapon parts can’t be stretched
  • Set block scales can be done with SHIFT+SCROLLWHEEL UP/DOWN
  • Precons = Copy+Pasting groups of objects, which you can then save by pressing [Q] and dragging it from the bottom into inventory space,
  • To delete precon, drag it out of inventory.


  • Powerful robocrafts have two seats, one controls the piloting, second controls additional turret(s), if you see a player exit their robocraft near you, wait for them or get closer to them so they can enter the powerful robocraft.
  • Lasers are the most efficient weapon for capturing Towers.
  • And Railguns also deals less damage if you are close to the target, so avoid close combat when using it.
  • Railguns require your bot to be Heavy in order to be Accurate.


Thanks for contribution to:
– Morality9
– Robocraft 2 Discord server
– Robocraft 2 Developers

Thanks for reading.

Thanks to ECYsh364 for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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