Roblox Undertale Test Place Reborn Codes (October 2022): Free Rewards & Boosts

Undertale Test Place Reborn is a copy of the old Soulshatters game on Roblox. here is a list of all codes available for the game. these codes will allow you to get rewards for free.

Updated October 30, 2022 | We checked for new Undertale Test Place Reborn Codes


Roblox Undertale Test Place Reborn Codes October 2022

Dates sort this list of all codes available and we recommend you redeem them as soon as possible. These codes allow you to obtain free rewards and boost in-game, which will let you become stronger and more powerful to kill enemies easily.

Note: These codes below are case-sensitive, so ensure you enter them correctly.

Roblox Undertale Test Place Reborn Codes (Working)

  • No Undertale Test Place Reborn code is working.

Note: we will update the list as there is a new code. you can also find the latest updates and codes via the Official Discord.

Roblox Undertale Test Place Reborn Codes (Expired)

  • No Undertale Test Place Reborn code is expired.


How to Redeem Code in Undertale Test Place Reborn

[The Redeeming System is not available for the game currently, we will update this section as it is out.]


Roblox Undertale Test Place Reborn FAQs

How do you get goku/zamasu in private servers?

– You need to get 5 kills, which will unlock the “Good Enough” badge that will give you access to goku and zamasu in private servers

Is there a Trello for this game? –

What are the differences between this game and SoulShatters?

– being heavily worked on, old or removed mechanics from the original are being added here, new characters, better anti exploit, and i want to build this with a better community than the actual one on the original game, not really supposed to be a OLD SoulShatters but supposed to have stuff they removed that were good in my opinion, while we also improve it

Where is the chats?

– There is no chats here. This is a server for Info and only Info


All Badges List in Undertale Test Place Reborn


  • Touch the divine

    Players with this badge probably exploited and got banned very sad, you can see how much exploiters were banned by the game with this.

  • Play as Goku

    Earned when you kill someone as Goku.

  • Play as Zamasu

    Earned when you kill someone as Zamasu.

  • Play as Asriel

    Earned when you kill someone as Asriel.

  • Play as Sans

    Earned when you kill someone as Sans.

  • Good Enough

    Earned when you kill 5 players in a public server, unlocks Goku and Zamasu on private servers.

  • Play as Frisk

    Earned when you kill someone as Frisk.

  • 20 Kills

    Score 20 kills at UTPR to win this badge. If you can do this you probably know enough about fighting to not stick yourself.

  • 97 Kills

    I know what you’re thinking. “Why 97?! What is Telamon’s (and Lord’s) deal? That makes no sense.” To these people, I say: “YOU MAKE NO SENSE”. 97 is an elite number of kills. If you get that many, you rock.

  • 200 Kills

    Yes very much kills, guess you don’t like SoulShatters Vibe Place that much.

  • 700 Kills

    At this point you most likely gave up in playing Exploiter Test Place.

  • 999 Kills

    With that much you probably don’t touch grass too often, thanks for playing but please stop random kill 😭

  • 2000 Kills

    This is another level, you would need to double your amount of no life to get this.

  • 5000 Kills

    Just… aint no wayyy

  • 200 Deaths

    You just isn’t playing this right, or isn’t playing at all.

  • Weakest Enemy

    Ok, I don’t know anymore, I don’t even know why you aren’t exploiting at this point.

  • 97 Kill Streak

    no no kill pls

  • God Of Hyperdeath

    Yes, you’re one of the ones on the top of the board, you’re special, not because you don’t touch grass or comit mass murder but because you did it, you’re competitive enough to do it.

  • Play as Chara

    Earned when you kill someone as GT Chara.

  • Unlock Sans (Hardmode) on Private Servers

    The true easiest enemy He is no longer the same lazy skeleton. Earned when you find how to unlock Sans (Hardmode) on Private Servers.

  • Play as Sans (Hardmode)

    Earned when you kill someone as Sans (Hardmode)

  • Above and beyond

    Get all name easter eggs possible.

  • Save the world

    Gives you some pans and a high poly (laggy) blaster!

  • Play as Undyne

    Earned when you kill someone as Undyne.

  • Play as Asgore

    Earned when you kill someone as Asgore.

  • help_tale

    Earned when playing at October 31. Gives themed skins.



About Roblox Undertale Test Place Reborn

Undertale Test Place Reborn is a Roblox fighting game developed by @i8cheese, you can play this game with your friends, have a nice game.


In this game, it's KILL or be KILLED. This game is heavily based on SoulShatters and A WIP, so expect stuff to be buggy and missing.
Farming for kills with alts or a friend is bannable, it's unfair to other players.
Players with a shield icon next to their HP doesn't increase kill count.
Always respect your enemies, going past certain levels of harassment can get you temp banned.
To challenge a player, write /challenge [username/displayname]. More information about this game is in the server. 
Melee: Left Click - M1, Right Click - M2 
Attacks: 1-9 
Teleport: R 
Block: F
Lock On: Hover your mouse over someone and press L or Middle Mouse Button
XBOX Controls can be viewed at the top bar
Our group:!/about

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