Roblox Typical Colors 2 Codes (November 2022): Halloween Update!

Typical Colors 2 is an FPS game developed by ROLVe Community on Roblox. this game is inspired by the famous game Team Fortress 2. here is a page for you to find the free promo code to redeem in the game.

Updated November 15, 2022 | We checked for new Typical Colors 2 Codes


Roblox Typical Colors 2 Codes November 2022

Dates sort this list of all codes available and we recommend you redeem them as soon as possible. These codes below let you get rewards and boosts for free, allowing you to beat enemies easily.

Note: These codes below are case-sensitive, so ensure you enter them correctly.

Roblox Typical Colors 2 Codes (Working)

  • No Typical Colors 2 code is working.

Note: we will update the list as there is new code. you can also find the latest updates and codes via Dev’s Twitter and Official Discord.

Roblox Typical Colors 2 Codes (Expired)

  • No Typical Colors 2 code is expired.


Typical Colors 2 Halloween Update Nov 2022

:upd: TC2 is now in Halloween mode

:upd: Optimized many functions on the client & server for better performance, including:
    Crouching, swimming, looking, bullet decals & particles, flames, cloaking, disguising, viewmodels, crosshairs,
    firing & alt-firing, player hovers, playing sounds, voicelines, building health, and many other client functions
:upd: More specific explanations can be viewed in the in-game update log.

:add: Added 41 new achievements
:add: Achievements now each have their own icon by @in the balls 
:add: Added notifications for achieving achievements and progressing them
:add: Updated functionality for the global achievement stats to hold a lot more data
:add: Added a sort button to the achievement menu
:upd: Optimized functionality for the following achievements:
    Evil Empire, Fish Man, Shutdown, The Unbreakable Record, Bloxxer, Handful of Frags, Purple Heart,
    Up in Smoke, Set the World on Fire, Firefighter, Thrashin' Bashin, Minigunaholic, The Organ Trail,
    Cleric, Headhunter, Amateur Operative, Spymaster, Expert of Espionage

:add: Added 7 team colored paints
:add: Added paint functionality for the following items:
    Bandito, Aces High, Bat Blockers, Driller, The Veteran, Brain Jam, Seasoned Surgeon Specs, Docking Chief,
    Hunter's Slouch, Drama Queen, Whereville Wardrobe, Squid Coil, Crankenstein
:upd: Updated paint for the following items:
    Sweat Swarm, Arcade Ace, Big Bruncher, Summer Sickness, Lad's Lid, Vicious Visor, Hotshot Lawyer
:add: Added the following strange parts:
    Times Taunted, Points Captured, Taunt Kills 
:add: Added new icons for strange parts by @in the balls 
:add: Added new kill icons by @in the balls 
:add: Optimized Killfeed to use AutomaticSize
:add: Killfeed will show assisting items, such as mediguns, banners, or cameras

:add:Added a remodel for the Kritzkrieg

:upd: Updated the visual of the following UI elements:
   Scoreboard, building status, construction HUD, building previews, health, Payload UI,
:upd: Added emitting chat bubbles for building-related lines for Mechanic, and SuperCharge-related lines for Doctor
:upd: Added 20 new emojis
:upd: Your Eternal Reward kills will show up for the victim, killer, and killer's teammates
:upd: Optimized contract info being sent to the client, should always have up-to-date data
:upd: Optimized rainbow and animated image functionality to be consistent with all clients
:upd: Updated crit, minicrit, and supercharge effects for viewmodels and characters
:upd: If displaynames are on, the scoreboard will show players' name below their displayname
:upd: Remade the functionality for airblasting projectiles
:upd: Orbiting Sun effect no longer bounces
:upd: Disciplinary Action will give a bigger speed boost if critboosted
:upd: Added low poly terrain for the following maps:
    koth_bagel, koth_lakeside, ctf_mach, arena_mach, pl_badwater, pl_boundary

:upd: Fixed sounds/voices duplicating themselves on respawn
:upd: Fixed functionality for the Assists strange part
:upd: Fixed assists with the Spy Camera giving minicrits to the wrong player
:upd: Other miscellaneous bug fixes 



All Badges List So Far in Typical Colors 2


  • Fortress of Friends

    Play with a friend in the same server.

  • The Leader

    Five Roblox users followed you into your session.

  • Deuces

    Team up with a friend in the same server and eliminate an enemy.

  • And It Begins

    Reach Level 10.

  • Showstopper

    Reach Level 25.

  • Pandemonium

    Reach Level 50.

  • Golden

    Reach Level 75.

  • Pipes, Rockets and Bullets

    Achieve Rank 100. Consider taking a break to drink some water.

  • Advanced Adversary

    Reach Level 150.

  • Merciless Mercenary

    Reach Level 200.

  • Quarter of a Thousand

    Reach Level 250.

  • A Difficult Feat

    Reach Level 300.

  • Pipes, Rockets, and… What?

    Reach Level 421.


About Roblox Typical Colors 2

Typical Colors 2 is a free Roblox game created in Dec 2015. the game is very similar to the Steam game Team Fortress 2. you play as defensive, offensive, or other roles with your teammate in the battle. the objective of the game is to win each victory.


Fight the enemy team with tons of weapons to choose from! Play as an offensive, defensive, or support role to help your team win to victory. This game is heavily inspired by Team Fortress 2.

NOTICE: If you're noticing any frame drops, reduce your graphics quality and mess around with the game's settings [Main Menu > Settings (Top Right) > Visibility] (The game disables some visual features for better frames).

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