Roblox Pull a Sword Codes (October 2023): Free Potion!

Are you ready to embark on an epic adventure, brandishing mighty swords and conquering challenges like a true warrior? Look no further than Roblox Pull a Sword, the thrilling game developed by xFrozen Obbys. In this action-packed title, your journey to become a sword-wielding legend begins. To aid you on your quest, we have a treasure trove of codes to unlock fantastic rewards and power boosts.


Pull a Sword Codes October 2023

To help you on your journey, we have some working codes that will give your adventure a serious boost:

Working Codes

  • KingCode4321 (New!)
  • A Strength Potion for free – KingCode1234
  • A Strength Potion for free – NewPotionCode248
  • A Win Potion for Free – NewPotion248
  • A Win Potion for Free – PotionCode542
  • A Win Potion for Free – newcode48
  • A Like Cat Pet for Free – likecat
  • A Win Potion for Free – code492
  • A Win Potion for Free – code900
  • A uTube Broli Pet for Free – ytopcode91
  • A Win Potion for Free – twcode1

Note: With these codes, you’ll have the edge you need to rise above your competition and become a sword-wielding legend. But remember, these codes won’t last forever, so use them wisely.

Expired Codes



How to Redeem Codes

Unlocking the power of these codes is simple. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to redeem them:

Step 1: Locate your screen’s ‘Codes‘ button in the game.

Step 2: Depending on the source of the code, use the red button for YouTube Codes or the blue button for Twitter codes.

Step 3: Enter the code and click ‘Verify‘. Your rewards will be on their way!

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How Can I Stay Ahead with the Latest Codes?

To ensure you’re always at the forefront of the game, keep an eye on the developer’s social media channels. They often release new codes and updates that can enhance your gaming experience. Here are the channels to follow:

Following these channels lets you stay in the loop about the latest codes and game updates. So, gear up and prepare to become a true swordmaster in Pull a Sword!

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