Roblox Dodgeball Battles Codes (February 2023): New Released!

Dodgeball Battles is a new battling game developed by G RBLX Games, which is also the creator of the popular game Dragon Blox. here is a page with all codes available or unavailable.

Updated February 2, 2023 | We checked for new Dodgeball Battles Codes


Roblox Dodgeball Battles Codes February 2023

Dates sort this list of all codes available and we recommend you redeem them as soon as possible. you can use these codes to get rewards for free.

Note: These codes below are case-sensitive, so ensure you enter them correctly.

Roblox Dodgeball Battles Codes (Working)

  • Free Rewards – 100BP (New)

Note: we will update the list as there is a new code.

Roblox Dodgeball Battles Codes (Expired)

  • No Codes are Expired Yet


How to Redeem Codes in Dodgeball Battles

The screenshot will be uploaded in near future.

  1. Click the ‘Codes’ button on your screen.
  2. Type your code in the text field.
  3. Redeem your code and you will get your reward at once.


Roblox Dodgeball Battles Codes FAQs

How to Find the Latest Codes?

We will add the new code to out page at the first time. meanwhile, you can get the new code by following the Dev’s Twitter and Community:

When Will the Code Expire?

We will move it to the expired section as the code is inactivated. and you should also redeem it ASAP, the code will be expired in serveral days.

Will More Codes be in Public?

As the game is barely new, more updates and codes will be added in the future. please stay tuned.


All Badges List in Roblox Dodgeball Battles


  • 1 Win

    You have won your first arena!

  • 10 Wins

    You have won 10x in Arena

  • 50 Wins

    Win 50x in Arena

  • 100 Wins

    You have won 100x in Arena

  • 500 Wins

    You have won 500x in Arena

  • 25 KO’s

    You have knocked out 25 Players!

  • 50 KO’s

    You have knocked out 50 Players!

  • 100 KO’s

    You have knocked out 100 Players!

  • 500 KO’s

    You have knocked out 500 Players!

  • 1000 KO’s!

    You have knocked them all out! 1000 Knockouts

  • 25 Hits

    Nice job keep going!

  • 50 Hits

    Not bad, keep going!

  • 100 Hits

    You are a challenger!

  • 500 Hits

    Fight them all, they are no match for you!

  • 1000 Hits

    Only legends can get this far!

  • Met a Developer

    You have met the people behind Dodgeball!

  • Welcome to Dodgeball Battle!

    Are you ready to fight?


About Roblox Dodgeball Battles

Dodgeball Battles is a free Comedy game released in January 2023. here is the trailer about the game below:



>> Hit them or get hit! Welcome to non-stop players flinging, sound raging and visual scintillating!  <<

🔥 Available Codes:  "100BP"

In Dodgeball Battles you and your throwing balls are your best friend, spawn in each arena and win victorious!

Developed by: G RBLX Games

To know more about events and updates join our group

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