Roblox Clicker Mining Simulator Codes (March 2023): New Released!

Here is a comprehensive list of Roblox Clicker Mining Simulator codes and an insightful guide on how to use them in-game. in this new Roblox, you can delve into the depths of the mine, swing and dig to collect coins, discover hidden treasures, and compete to become the ultimate miner! Learn how to harness your power, upgrade your gear, and hatch helpful pets to strengthen your character. With our exclusive release codes, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle the captivating challenges of the game and uncover a wealth of subterranean riches!

Note: This is a new game created by Lightning Dragon Studio II, please don’t confuse it with the game “Mining Clicker Simulator” created by Spyder Crew


Roblox Clicker Mining Simulator Codes March 2023

Working Codes

  • Free Reward – like3000
  • Free Reward – upd1
  • Free Reward – CMS

Note: we will update the list as there is a new code.

Expired Codes

  • No Codes are Expired Yet


How to Redeem Codes in Clicker Mining Simulator

Redeeming codes in-game is a simple process. Follow these easy steps to claim your rewards:

  1. Launch the game on Roblox and enter it.
  2. Click on the “Settings” button with a gear icon to open a new window or pop-up for entering the codes.
  3. Carefully type or paste the code you found into the provided text box. Ensure you enter the code accurately, with proper capitalization, and without extra spaces.
  4. Click the “Enter” button to claim your rewards. If the code is valid and active, you’ll receive a confirmation message, and the in-game items, currency, or bonuses will be added to your account.
  5. You may see an error message if the code is expired or invalid. In this case, double-check the code’s spelling and try again, or search for a new code to redeem.


Where to Find New Codes?

To stay current with the latest codes and optimize your gaming experience, explore these dependable sources:

  1. Official social media channels: Follow the game developer’s social media accounts on platforms like Twitter, where they frequently share exclusive codes and updates with their followers.
  2. Roblox game description: Check the game’s Roblox page regularly, as developers might add new codes in the game description to celebrate milestones or special events.
  3. Community Discord: Join the official Discord server, where players get the latest codes, discuss game updates, and interact with the game’s community.

Remember that some codes may be time-sensitive or have limited usage. Keep an eye on these sources to ensure you never miss out on the latest codes!


About Roblox Clicker Mining Simulator

Clicker Mining Simulator is a new simulator game created and released in March 2023.


⛏️ Welcome to Clicker Mining Simulator ⛏️
Explore the depths of the mine and it's hidden treasures in order to become the greatest miner of all time! 

How to play:
💥 - Swing to gain power!
💎 - Dig to earn coins and find treasures!
⭐ - Open treasures to get better gear!
🐶 - Open eggs to get pets that make you stronger!


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