Rise Of Mega Codes (March 2024): New Updated!

Embark on an exhilarating journey in Rise of Mega, a 3D online game inspired by the beloved Pokémon series. In this digital universe, you assume the role of a Pokémon trainer, engaging in strategic turn-based battles to prove your mettle. This guide is your trusty Pokédex, leading you through the world of Rise of Mega, focusing on the game’s enticing redeem codes to enhance your gaming experience.

We added a new code on Mar. 4, 2024


Rise Of Mega Gift Codes

To help you become the ultimate Pokémon trainer, here are the current active redeem codes:

Working Gift Codes:

  • 3073cbbfd (New!)
  • 7436d41f7
  • 2f9a5af1d
  • Heokute_v70 (Valid until 3.4.2024, 23:59)
  • Cau7_V70 (Valid until 3.4.2024, 23:59)
  • King_V50 (Valid until 3.4.2024, 23:59)
  • 7a2c11402
  • 5c209013a
  • 7025939e8
  • 1bd5134d3
  • 1eb9aa090
  • 42caddba8
  • 329ff25cc
  • ae9170b4c
  • 2e184017d
  • e5a2f9280
  • 3f0e4826d
  • 548675c17
  • 06d3fcfde
  • 6350bd87b
  • 01d104d83
  • 94ec13d99
  • e68519cab
  • 4f7c5e0c1
  • a4af50ddd
  • c1b5d8f5c
  • 309730ee6
  • 33d61b6e4
  • 991a75ee4
  • 89ccad43b
  • 35985c445 
  • a527abc0b
  • 1d4e169a6
  • f668d9e1e
  • 24f879dfb
  • a137424f8
  • 3cbf1f8b8
  • 04d876844
  • a47773cfd
  • e574ee041
  • 78f464dd6
  • 1eea5f35d
  • e5583d240
  • 70d8a6270
  • 933cf0c86
  • 1d12f045d
  • 40ff2743a
  • 4ae192a6e
  • 9e2927fe2
  • 429ad4034
  • 5b8908ed8
  • 7c59aad2e
  • b045fc77c
  • 66ca216fd
  • 6c72fceaa
  • 9780f5fd3
  • afa8e6964
  • 6d0893c3e
  • 9c97bf3f0
  • 30ebb3af0
  • 377b21421
  • bd7a48468
  • 07dc9fce2
  • a0677e9b0
  • b93cb1c53
  • 60934b78a
  • ed602b28e
  • 3c03215d4
  • 5c58b97bc
  • 6d04609dd
  • ba91f99b3
  • 83cd6616f
  • 16ded6707
  • Tempest_v70
  • KENKIO_v50
  • Tempest_v50
  • 46bd8ecef
  • 3aeded3b2
  • 43c5c561c

These codes are like rare Pokémon – elusive and sought-after. Be sure to redeem them swiftly as they might expire, and follow the official Facebook to stay alert for the release of new codes.

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Expired Gift Codes:

  • Lemo_V50
  • CopBeo_V60
  • Shatoshi_V50
  • Heokute_V60
  • Arceus_V50
  • Heokute_V50
  • CopBeo_V50
  • Rumme_V60
  • CuLaLa_V60
  • VietAnh_V60
  • Cau7_V60
  • Rumme_v50
  • stepbro_v50
  • CuLaLa_v70
  • CuLaLa_v50
  • Lucy_v50
  • Cau7_v50 
  • a4d5c2e30
  • eea6b48b8
  • Vietanh_v50
  • KENKIO_v90
  • Tempest_v90
  • zShinigami_v50

If Rise of Mega has sparked your passion for adventure and strategy, you might also enjoy these games, each with their own set of redeemable codes:

Each game offers a different journey, and their codes can significantly enhance your gameplay.


Redemption Process on the Rise of Mega Website

  1. Visit the Redemption Site: Navigate to code.riseofmega.com.
  2. Enter Your Code: Input one of the above codes in the provided field.
  3. Claim Your Rewards: Confirm your entry to receive your in-game bonuses.

This process connects you directly to the game’s rewards system, making the experience seamless and convenient.



In conclusion, Rise of Mega offers a captivating experience for fans of Pokémon-style games, blending strategy, adventure, and the thrill of capturing and evolving Pokémon. With these codes, you’re not just a trainer; you’re on a path to becoming a Pokémon master. Keep these codes handy, and remember, Rise of Mega is constantly updating, so follow the official Facebook to stay tuned for new gift codes.

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