Ring of Elysium-New Map Releases on Jan 16

ROE will update the second season on the 16th of January. The second season’s main content will have a new map of the island that is completely different from the current snow theme. Although the official has not given a specific introduction to the game play, but a lot of clues have been given in … Read more

Ring of Elysium-How to Choose Packs

How to choose ROE backpack? In the ROE snow map it initially offers three different packs. Each of the packs has different items and functionality. Today, we share a comprehensive analysis of the packs and hope to help the players.   1.Gliding Pack Jumping from a high enough place, press[F] to open the glider, [W] … Read more

Ring of Elysium – How to Change My Name

Ring of Elysium has released for several month. Some people wonder that whether they can change their player name in the game or not. Here GamePretty will bring the answer to you.   There currently isn’t, but the devs have already confirmed that free gender/name changes will be coming soon. Here is the recently Twitter … Read more

Ring of Elysium New Mode Is Coming – A Survival Battle Royal Game

The free-to-play battle royale Ring of Elysium will have a new survival-themed game mode coming very soon, In this mode, players will have to compete with other players for food and fuel, and hide yourself indoors when the storm comes. The new mode called From Dusk Till Dawn, Players win by surviving through the game, which lasts … Read more