Shadows of Doubt: 10 Things You Should Know Before Playing

Hello this is Roneranger with my first series of gaming guides for a brand new and currently early access indie game called “Shadows of Doubt”!   10 Things You Should Know Before Playing “Shadows of Doubt” Shadows of Doubt is a procedural generated open world detective game set in an alternate 1970’s sci-fi reality where … Read more

Buried Gems In The History – 5 Underrated Games That Still Worth To Play

We always check out rating and reviews before we buy a game, but the thing is you’ll never know if you’ll enjoy a game until you played it. There were some good games were buried, they probable not as good as 3A games but they are still fun for players, and here are 5 games … Read more

Dreams Story Mode All Characters’ Details We Know So Far

Dreams‘ story mode looks to be a promising journey through a strange and emotionally heavy space. Here are the characters of the tale and what we know so far about them. Art The protagonist, a musician with a haunted past, and the man whose shifting mind serves as home to the story itself. “The story is essentially … Read more

Top 5 Western Shooter Games You Should Try Before Red Dead Redemption 2 Comes Out

Rush into the wild west and shoot those who stand in your way with revolvers, I guess Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to fulfill all gamers’ cowboy dream. But the game won’t release until 26th of October, why not play some other western games to make your next few weeks more easier? Here is … Read more

Thai Horror Game Home Sweet Home Is Coming to PSVR, PS4, and Xbox One Next Month

Home Sweet Home is a first person Thai horror game from publisher and developer Mastiff, it was released last year on Steam with very positive reviews. This chilling first-person survival horror game is steeped in creepy lore from real-world Thai legends and mythology. Players will play as Tim in Home Sweet Home, a guy who … Read more