Shadows of Doubt: 10 Things You Should Know Before Playing

Hello this is Roneranger with my first series of gaming guides for a brand new and currently early access indie game called “Shadows of Doubt”!   10 Things You Should Know Before Playing “Shadows of Doubt” Shadows of Doubt is a procedural generated open world detective game set in an alternate 1970’s sci-fi reality where … Read more

DiRT 3 Complete Edition: How to Work on Win10

Guide for green screen, getting stuck on loading screen and setting up wheel controller. This is a short and simple guide to make DiRT3 work on Windows 10 in 2020.   1. Game doesn’t launch or is stuck on loading screen. This is a rather simple fix. You can try 2 of the following. Go to … Read more

Algotica Iterations Review: This Game is NOT Worth It

This shouldn’t be sold in its current state. Some recent reviews say the game just got an overhaul and old reviews are inaccurate. I’m here to tell you that as of March 8, 2020 Algotica has serious problems and is not worth playing. Graphics are great, audio is nice, I really want to like it, but the … Read more

AWAKE Definitive Edition Walkthrough And Gameplay

AWAKE is a 2D Point and Click adventure game. Released on Steam as the PC version. It was supposed to be a romantic getaway with your girlfriend. But things got out of hand, quickly. There’s a murderer out to get you, and it’s happening again and again. You’re stuck in a time loop – will … Read more

Bright Memory – Episode 1- Released on January 12, 2019

Bright Memory – Episode 1 was produced by FYQD Personal Studio, The first person shooter game made with the latest Unreal 4.9 engine. The game will get rid of the traditional FPS game battle type and incorporate ACT action elements to let players experience the innovation of FPS games. Now this game is available on … Read more

Dreams Story Mode All Characters’ Details We Know So Far

Dreams‘ story mode looks to be a promising journey through a strange and emotionally heavy space. Here are the characters of the tale and what we know so far about them. Art The protagonist, a musician with a haunted past, and the man whose shifting mind serves as home to the story itself. “The story is essentially … Read more