DiRT 3 Complete Edition: How to Work on Win10

Guide for green screen, getting stuck on loading screen and setting up wheel controller. This is a short and simple guide to make DiRT3 work on Windows 10 in 2020.


1. Game doesn’t launch or is stuck on loading screen.
This is a rather simple fix. You can try 2 of the following.

  • Go to the games local files and locate “_CommonRedist” folder and install the apps from it.
  • If installing drivers etc. doesn’t help, you need to uninstall and then reinstall the game.

    NOTE: You don’t really need to reinstall the whole game. Simply cut and paste “audio, cars and tracks” folders from the game files into a temporary folder. Then uninstall the game through Steam. When done, move those 3 folders back into the “DiRT 3 Complete Edition” folder (or however your game folder was named), and then install through Steam. This should locate existing files and download the rest.

2. Green screen after changing graphic settings.
Go to your PC own “Documents” folder and find “My Games/DiRT3/hardwaresettings”.
In “hardwaresettings” folder you need to open “hardware_settings_config.xml”.
This file can be opened with any text edit application (ie. notepad, wordpad etc.).
Find “multisampling=”XXXX” and replace with “8xmsaa”.

3. Getting wheels and pedals to work.
This is really simple and straight forward.
Just open the keys mapping in-game and rebind them with your own wheel buttons.
Note that external shifters are not supported, only paddle can be used. Wheel and pedals work fine.
From “VIBRATION AND FEEDBACK” settings I suggest setting everything to ON and 100% except the force of vibration. Mainly because it feels slightly too much, at least on my G923. But that is up to you.
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