Returnal: How to Delete the Unnecessary Files

Taking out the trash.   .PDB Files Used for debugging in the Unreal Engine. They take up over one tenth of the game’s install size, and you likely have no use for them. Location: [Installation Directory]\Returnal\Binaries\Win64\ Delete these, and you’ve freed up 5.16GB of HDD space. Alternate Languages Returnal includes voiceover audio for thirteen languages … Read more

Returnal: How to Copy Your Save File Easily

This guide simplifies the process of copying Returnal save file.   How to Copy Your Save File Easily Step 1: Disable Steam Cloud for Returnal Step 2: Create a text file Copy-Returnal-Save.txt in an easy to access directory like the Desktop Step 3: Open the text file with Notepad and copy-paste the following script in bold-italic replacing %USERPROFILE% with your Windows username: @ECHO … Read more

Returnal: Steam Achievements Guide

100% Achievement Guide, because no one else has made one yet in English. Will also be a WIP.   Introduction NOTE: This is going to be a WIP. Returnal is a difficult but very satisfying third-person shooter roguelike developed by Housemarque and published by Sony exclusively for PlayStation 5. However, thanks to Sony’s continuing PC-porting … Read more