Resonite: Tips for New Players (WIP)

A guide of general tips and tricks for new players, written by a new player whose learning stuff as they go.
The guide will be updated over time to include new information and I encourage others to comment their own tips for new players to be contributed to the guide.



I highly encourage that others include their own tips in the comments!

I am not highly experienced with Resonite or it’s former platform, I am learning as I go as well, it’s going to be a little bare-bones for now until I continue updating this.

First things first: If you are/were a VRChat player in any capacity, do not go into this thinking it’s going to be anything like VRC you will be severely disappointed. While both are definitely built on similar concepts, both are completely different executions. Resonite has much more of a focus on creation and user freedom. It’s systems are complex and will take time to get used to, especially if you’re used to other social VR games such as VRChat.

If you need a better idea, people often describe Resonite as like a VR Garry’s Mod or SecondLife.

The Meat of This Guide

How to Change Your Profile Picture In-Game

This one was probably the biggest curveball I faced because if you’re used to literally any other platform ever, you think you’d just click your profile picture and it’ll bring up a file browser…. and then get confused when nothing happens. The way you actually goes about this makes sense in terms of consistency.

  • First go into the “Files” tab of your menu, find the image you want as your pfp on your computer and spawn it as an image/texture.
  • Then grab that image once it spawns, go to the “Home” tab in your menu and click your icon in the top-left corner, drag your image onto it and click it.

Avatar Creation


Thanks to Resonite for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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