Rendezvous Shadows of the Past Walkthrough 100%

Very short walkthrough for the quick and easy unrestricted 100%. Please like and follow if you found this guide to be convenient. Enjoy!


Rendezvous Shadows of the Past Walkthrough

That ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Dream
Play the game for the first time

Go into the bathroom > Wash your face
Open Journal (J) > Go back out into main room
Take Arum’s Photo (right side of the room)
Check front door (locked in) > inspect Broken Cabinet (right side of the room)
Go back into bathroom > inspect Metal Box (07112062) > Key obtained
Leave your apartment

Sprint left until you talk to Tyrell > Sprint right until you reach an Under Construction sign

Queue cutscene and robot fight > check right for sparkling item on ground for Technician Tools

Go back to apartment > use Technician Tools on Broken Cabinet > Bandages obtained

Use technician’s tools on the broken cabinet

Leave your apartment

Return Technician Tools to Tyrell
Run all the way to the right until you reach the construction sign
Talk to the Drifter underneath the sign
Keep going right until you reach the Bus Station > interact with it

Just a bit to the right you will see Derek
SPRINT past him and get forced into a conversation

Hi Derek. . .
Get caught by Derek in the morning

Move right into the next area
Walk into the Front Parking Lot by the yellow crossroad
Keep moving right into the Front Office > run up to the desk to Start Shift (custcene)

Go to the door on your right and check every door along the way moving right
(cutscene) Go back to the Lobby and outside to the Front Parking Lot
Walk to the Back Parking Lot
Keep going left into the Production Room > go left to the Back Hallway
Go into the Robot Room (beside the robot)
Talk to Norton (obtain Hacking Console) > use Robots System on your left with Hacking Console

Open A02-TUR-2063 5 0 1345 to fix Malware
Connect the green start node to the red virus nodes

Go all the way back to the Lobby > go to the Front Hallway
Continue inspecting doors (Boss’ door is all the way at the end of the hallway… inspect that too)
Go to Middle Hallway > continue inspecting doors as you go right to the Back Hallway
Go all the way back to the front desk in the Lobby
Talk to the Norton by the desk > cutscene > Equip Taser Pistol > shoot 3x (spacebar)

Run all the way back to the ATM where you met Tyrell > complete wire transfer
Go to Hammond’s Bar and walk left until cutscene
Take the item on the bar table > obtain Stun Blade

Go back to your workplace > cutscene > equip Stun Blade > enter Lobby
Go back outside to the Back Parking Lot > destroy robot by the orange car on the left
Destroy robot on the right and grab shiny item on the ground > obtain Brick
Go back to the Front Parking Lot and throw Brick at the blue car > cutscene
Sneak past Derek all the way into the Front Hallway
Fight your way to enter the Middle Hallway > access Tool Box (20220114) to obtain Bolt Cutter
Go to Back Hallway > check item just under the light > use Bolt Cutter & obtain Folding Ladder
Go to Lobby and grab shiny item on Front Desk to obtain Robot Key Card
Go to Back Hallway and enter Robot Room > check the item in the back to obtain Robot Rat
Check one of the screens for a Company Map
Go back to Production Room > use Folding Ladder on Ventilation > enter Vents
Use Robot Rat on the vent fan > keep going right until you see exposed wires (puzzle)
Use the lasers to remove the shields (1 & 2) then redirect the lasers to the key (3)

Enter the C.01 exit using the Robot Rat to deactivate fans
Interact with Boss’ Desk to leave the note
Inspect Locked Cabinet on your right (05211998) > obtain Taser Battery
Check item very close your left for Taser Pistol > check right for Passport

Run to Middle Hallway and enter the Electrical Room which is now open
Solve Door System puzzle

Exit through the Production Room and go to the Back Parking Lot
Go left to run out of the Front Parking Lot

Bye, Bay City
Complete the Prologue for the first time

Thanks to Jedo for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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