Remnant II: How to Unlock the Engineer Archetype Easily

How to Unlock Engineer Archetype


1. Opening the second archetype for our character

You just need to get level 7 of your first archetype.


2. N’Erud

The archetype is in the second stage of the planet N’Erud.

If you want to unlock the engineer at the start of the game, then you need to reroll the company until N’Erud becomes your first location.

3. Location

The second location of N’Erud is called Eon Vault.

You must walk along the very edge of the location and look for such stones.
On the left, the stone will resemble a platform. And on the right will have several sharp stones, something like a fence.

Then you will need to go deep into the poisonous gas.
Do not be afraid of poisoning, it goes very slowly.

We see a platform on which you need to jump

Here we see the corpse of an engineer.
We collect armor from him.

Then we turn the camera to the left and see the glow.
We jump from the platform.

Here is our archetype!
We take and die.

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