Redfall: All Enemies Guide

Redfall is a dangerous place.
There are only a handful of people you can rely on, and a whole lot of people who are certainly not worthy of your trust. You already know the heroes of Redfall . In this guide you will know your enemies. We have complete information on all the enemies, from bloodsuckers who rule the island to cultists who worship them and mercenaries patrolling the street – everything you need to save Redfall from disaster.



The streets of Redfall are teeming with vampires. These immortal creatures are humans who have been transformed by Aevum Therapeutics’ so-called experimental “treatments”. Vampires are driven by the desire to drink blood, through which they achieve a heightened state of consciousness called “blood trance”. They are fast, can hover and teleport, and cannot be killed with ordinary projectiles. To get rid of them permanently, you need to use a stake, ultraviolet light or the heroes’ special abilities.
After transformation, some vampires develop powerful abilities and specialize. Moving up their hierarchy, after the typical “servants” we find tall vampires who can tear your squad members to pieces with their bare hands, vigilant vampires that serve as a kind of alarm system for the rest of the army, and even more dangerous types of bloodsuckers… These are standard issue vampires with sharp fangs and long claws. They possess vampire strength that makes them highly mobile and capable of quick, lunging leaps. They can be damaged by bullets, but to kill them completely, players will need to stab them in the heart with a stake or burn them with flare ammunition. UV light will also petrify them, but players will need to follow through with a killing blow, or they will regenerate and come back at the player.


These vampires levitate in the air and try to maintain constant eye contact with you. They don’t have to come close to drink your blood: they can suck it out of you if they see you. Hide behind cover or crouch around the corner of a building to stay out of sight. Drainers also drink the blood of nearby cultists and bloodsuckers to heal themselves.


You’ll recognize this vampire by her gravity-defying hairstyle and luminous eyes that may be your last sight before she takes your life. Hunters can turn invisible and hurl a deadly harpoon to draw their prey to them. If you let them hit you, it could be your end – unless you manage to free yourself with a gunfire or a teammate does it for you.


The Guardians scan the darkness with their searchlight-like eyes. If they spot you, they will alert all vampires and cultists nearby, making you an easy target. And their eyes aren’t just for observation – they can also burn you with a devastating blast of energy. Eliminate the guards quickly or evade them completely to prevent them from unmasking and thwarting your team’s intricate plan.

Gloom shrouds the area in a dome of darkness to confuse you. She then attacks from a distance while her allies try to take you down. He can also disappear underground, treating it as a dangerous (and especially unfair) game of cat and mouse – he loves to play with his food.

A Rat-Eater

Sin Eaters are cultists who have been chosen to bear the burden of the “sins” and memories of the vampire gods. Killing a rattlesnake unleashes an echo of the past, revealing a moment from the vampire god’s dark past. Thanks to it, you can learn the vampiric gods’ weaknesses, which should be used in the fight against them.


These disgusting creatures were once cultists who wanted to join the ranks of the vampires. Instead, they turned them into blood-blistered monsters. Though blood vessels see themselves as more than a meal, vampires feed on them to regenerate health, with little regard for their well-being. Bloodbags explode if they take enough damage, so keep your distance from them to avoid their AoE attack.


We don’t want to bring bad news, but a thunder whose power is surpassed only by the Vampire Gods can find you and your group anywhere on the map. Completing mission objectives and killing vampires infuriates the vampire gods, and thunder is their ace up their sleeve. As you play, you’ll see a gauge that fills up to trigger a thunderstorm attack accompanied by a deadly storm. Grom’s incredible physical strength, combined with his ability to summon lightning, makes him impossible to escape – you either kill him or die. The bonus for surviving his attack and killing him is legendary gear.


Of course, with a hierarchy of power, something has to be at the top, right? The most powerful element of the vampire food chain are the creatures responsible for blocking the sun, shifting the ocean border and more: the vampire gods, i.e. the Ghost Man, Bloody Tom, Whisper and the Black Sun. Each of them has a weakness, but to discover it and use it in battle, you must learn their history and the secrets related to the circumstances of their creation.

Vampire Underbosses

These vampire enemies will only appear to challenge the heroes when enough safehouses in a neighborhood have been liberated. Each Underboss will have their unique skill set and abilities, requiring different strategies on each new encounter. When defeated, the skull from the Underboss will drop as a lootable item, which will be the key to unlocking a portal that allows the heroes to confront the most powerful enemies in the game.


Each of the vampire gods has a group of dangerous, worshiping, humble followers. After all, joining a vampire god cult is one way to protect yourself from vampires (say) if you can afford to betray your family and friends. See below for a description of the different cultists you’ll face.


These are human cultists who have been transformed by higher vampires, and instead of becoming powerful vampires themselves, they serve as a food source for other vampires. These enemies stand out due to the large, bulging pustules of blood on the backs of their shoulders and necks. Once they hit a threshold of damage, they’ll explode, sending a burst of poison blood splattering everywhere and alerting any other nearby enemies to the player’s presence.

Cultist Caller

Summoners are the leaders of the cultists. The ones who make the most noise . You will hear their threats against the people of Redfall and their vampire propaganda from afar. Like the guards, summoners will notify all their allies in the area if they see you. Eliminate them quickly so that they don’t draw unnecessary attention to you.

Stormtrooper Cultist

Assault Troopers are dangerous – not because they shoot well (they’re no match for Bellwether Agents), but because their Assault Rifles, thanks to their rate of fire, are guaranteed to hit you in the open by sheer probability. Don’t underestimate them and take cover if you spot them.

Devastator Cultist

Devastators try to get things done up close, and in those conditions their shotguns are dangerous. If you manage to keep them at bay, they’ll start throwing death mist jars at you, but if you hit one of them at the right time, he’ll drop it at his feet.

Cultist Hunter

Unlike Devastators, Hunters prefer to fire from a distance, using the Hunting Rifles they find. You can spot them by looking for the light reflecting off the scopes of their weapons.

Bellwether Protection Services

Despite its friendly-sounding name, Bellwether Protection Services is a private military company sent to Redfall for mysterious reasons. Not even Jacob Boyer, the former Bellwether sniper who had arrived in Redfall with the rest of the agents, didn’t know them. The purpose of their mission, however, does not matter – Bellwether agents are trained and armed to the teeth. Fortunately, you are not their only enemy on the island. They also seem to hate vampires and cultists, so if you play it smart, you can set these groups on you to distract them from what you’re doing.

Bellwether Stormtrooper

Bellwether Assault Agents are dangerous, trained assassins who need to be eliminated quickly. They wield assault rifles and flash grenades that confuse and damage enemies. This also applies to you.

Bellwether Engineer

Bellwether engineers are armed with semi-automatic shotguns, but that’s not all. To make combat more difficult, they can also deploy up to three standalone “Cobra” combat turrets. Keep your head down as these turrets will open fire on you as soon as you come within their line of sight. Better keep your distance too: Cobras explode when damaged, damaging everyone around them – allies and foes alike. You can hack them with Electricity Kits to turn them against your enemies.

Bellwether Sniper

It’s always a good idea to scout before jumping into the fray – especially if there are Bellwether agents in the area. You never know if one of their snipers is lurking nearby. At first, you may not notice them, because their presence can only be recognized by the red light of the semi-automatic sniper rifles. Avoid getting straight into the crosshairs and try to get rid of them quickly with your own weapons.

The Angler

This is a typically female vampire that is constantly in the air, making her difficult to corner. She has the ability to conjure a harpoon-like projectile to throw at players, which can both deal damage as well as pull one of her prey back towards her.

The Rook

This is a hulking vampire that is specifically summoned by the vampire gods to face the hero team when they have been felling too many of the god’s minions. Despite its large size, the Rook has high mobility and is capable of closing the distance between it and the heroes in short order.

The Shroud

These vampires have very wispy, elongated shapes in combat. As the name implies, they have the ability to cover the surrounding area in darkness, and they can avoid taking damage by sinking into the ground and reappearing in another spot.

Thanks to Nefrelin97 for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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