Ralph and the Blue Ball: 100% Achievement Guide

This guide shows the locations of all the items you need to find.
Blue circle = ball
Yellow circle = item
Square = statue

Keep in mind that sometimes a key is required in order to unlock a box. This is indicated in the screenshots.

Currently, due to a Steam bug, the full size preview of guide images when the user left clicks on them is broken.
Middle clicking on an image works, but for safety I added direct links to full size images as well.


Level 2 – Bedroom

Click on the middle book to reveal the key that allows you to open the safe with the blue ball.

Full size picture:

πŸ† Bedroom

Level 3 – Bath Room

Click on the tile from the corner to reveal the yellow key. This will allow you to unlock the grate up top.
Click on the box in the shower to reveal the red key. This will allow you to slide the window up.

Full size picture:

πŸ† Bath Room

Level 4 – Living Room

Click on the bottom left, behind the sofa to reveal the bronze statue.

Full size picture:

πŸ† Living Room
πŸ† Bronze Statue

Level 6 – Backyard

You’ll need to click on the two boxes with keys before being able to click on the boxes that contain the blue ball and the plushie in the tree trunk.
Click on the left side of the big tree to reveal the silver statue.

Full size picture:

πŸ† Backyard
πŸ† Silver Statue

Level 7 – House Entrance

The red key is under the rug.
The yellow key is inside the left plant pot.

Full size picture:

πŸ† House Entrance

Level 8 – Beach Time!

Click on the rug twice to roll it and reveal the golden statue.
Click on the seashell to reveal the yellow key that opens the box containing the blue ball.

Full size picture:

πŸ† Beach Time!
πŸ† Gold Statue

Thanks to Lilly for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide fromΒ Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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