Raiden IV OverKill: How to Fix Display Issues

This guide will tell you how to fix display scaling issues with Raiden IV OverKill so you can enjoy the game properly.


How to fix display issues with Raiden IV OverKill
Upon installing and running Raiden IV Overkill for the first time, you may have noticed that when you change your video resolution to your monitor’s native resolution and have fullscreen selected, the game zooms in a bit cutting out most of the game image. This can get annoying and there is an easy fix to this.

1. Set the display resolution of the game to your monitor’s native resolution & change the window type to Fullscreen.

2. Close the game.
3. Open File Explorer and navigate to “Steam/steamapps/common/Raiden IV OverKill”
4. Right click “game.exe” and click “Properties”

5. Under the tab “Compatibility”, click on “Change High DPI Settings”

6. Under “Program DPI”, Check the box to enable, and change the dropdown box to. Under “High DPI Scaling Override”, Enable the High DPI Scaling Override and set the scaling to be controlled by the Application. Your setting changes should look something like this:

Once all of this is done, the game should now run properly and you can now enjoy the game without your display scaling messing up!

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