Ragnaröck: How to Enable Spectator Cameras

This guide explains how to enable external spectator cameras that will render on your computer screen without affecting your headset view.
It can be used to easily provide a better viewing experience to spectators on your couch or in your stream, or create advanced videos with controllable camera views.



Ragnaröck has a secret feature, allowing you to display external camera views on your monitor, independently from your VR view.
It can be used to :

  • Provide a more confortable viewing experience for spectators, either on your couch or during livestreams
  • Record yourself playing from a different point of view to improve your technique or give us specific feedback
  • Create entertaining gameplay videos with multiple camera angles and movements

Here is an example showing different camera angles you can achieve (every shot was made in game with this tool) :


Warning !

This feature can be very taxing on your GPU, you may experience severe framerate drops if you don’t have a very powerful graphics card, making the game hard to play.

This problem can be mitigated by lowering the VR screen resolution in the settings menu (or through SteamVR). It won’t affect the external camera’s resolution (always FullHD).


  • Improved FPS view, with smoother camera movements, better field of view, and camera roll disabled
  • Controllable cameras, some of them relative to various objects of the scene (to keep your movements relative to the boat for example). For now there are 3 in differents places of the world, 1 on each hammer, 1 on the head, 2 on the boat. All of them be controlled with an xbox gamepad to frame a custom static shot or to make smooth camera movements.

How to enable

To enable External Cameras, add these lines to your Engine.ini config file.

(sorry, you’ll have to write the lines by hand, Steam formatting removes uppercase when brackets are used…)

In a shipped build, it’s located under





Warning : the controls are only active in the main scene

The FPS view can be triggered by pressing the NumPad 0 key.
The controls for movable cameras are intended for an xbox gamepad (described below), but most actions are also available on the keyboard (undocumented).
You can disable external cameras altogether by pressing the backspace key.

Controls with a gamepad (xbox)

By Oak

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