Puddle Knights Full Walkthrough

Welcome to GamePretty. Here is full video walkthrough with timestamps, quick solutions, no commentary.   World 1 [00:00] 1-1: Playing With Mire [00:31] 1-2: Rounded Squares [00:54] 1-3: Excuse Me [01:12] 1-4: Full-Time Job [01:40] 1-5: Unexpected Turns [02:06] 1-6: Maze Field World 2 [00:00] 2-1: Tear Away [00:25] 2-2: Chasing Your Tail [00:47] 2-3: Your Cross To Tear [01:16] 2-4: It Takes Two To … Read more

Puddle Knights FAQ

Puddle Knights is a mud-based puzzle game where you use the lengthy capes of chivalrous knights to cover puddles and help members of the upper class away from badly sanitized streets. here are the FAQs for the game.   What is the game about? You take control of noble knights with their water-proof capes while guiding … Read more