PROTOTYPE 2: Save Game for Achievements

Download the corresponding Save Game Files(.rar) and extract them. After extraction is done put the extracted file in this location “C:\Users\Acer\Documents\Activision\Prototype 2” and replace all the files (Make sure to do a backup of your files and turning off steam cloud before attempting this!!).

General information

Extract the file given in the link and put them in the above mentioned location and start the game and click on load and load the save game on slot 1.

Follow Your Nose, Spindler’s Search, Up to No Good and Finally full

Using this save game you can get the following four achievements:
Follow Your Nose
Load this save file and collect the last black box shown on the location below.

Spindler’s Search & Finally Full
Load the save file and destroy the last lair as shown on the location below, I also found the last upgrade needed for the finally full achievement on this lair.

Up to No Good
Load the save file and kill the last field ops team.

Master Prototype
Master Prototype
Extract the file and put in it in the above mentioned location. Load up the save file on slot A and beat the final mission of the game and the achievement will unlock.

All Growed Up
All Growed Up
Extract and place the file on the above mention location and load up file slot 1. Finish the mission shown in the picture below and the achievement will unlock.

New game +
New game +
Extract and put the save file on the above mentioned location and start a new game + with almost all the powers unlocked to max.

Thanks to AnixDutta99 for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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