Project Existence Guide (Controls, Crafting, Commands and Achievements)

Before reading or using this guide, please understand that the game is in its very early stages and therefore every single part of this guide is subject to change. Please also understand that I am not a developer, admin or moderator for the game and any bugs should be reported in the Project Existence Discord.

In this guide, I will cover;

  • Controls
  • Gathering materials
  • Crafting
  • Earning ISC (in game currency)

As the game is updated and changed, I will update and change this guide so it is accurate.


Project Existence does not currently have an options menu to change your controls, so understandably to new players this may seem quite confusing. I will add all know controls below but please note that this is all subject to change;

How do I move my character?

Use WASD to move forward, back, left and right. To turn the camera, you can click and hold either the left or right mouse button whilst either moving or standing still.

How do I move faster?

Hold SHIFT whilst using the above controls to sprint.

How do I jump?

Press spacebar.

How do I open the crafting menu?

Press Q. This will open all known recipes.

How do I open my inventory?

Press TAB. You can also click and drag items around to rearrange them.

How do I place down items such as bins, wooden fences, etc?

This is where things may get confusing. Placing items from your inventory such as bins, wooden fences, pumpkins, etc into the world is actually completely different to actually crafting them. Please go to the crafting section for info on crafting.

To place items from your inventory into the world, press B. Click the desired items, and move your cursor where you want to place it. You can rotate the item with the mouse scroll. When you are ready to place the item, simply use the left click. To remove the item, you can left click on it to edit its placement, then right click to remove.

How do dismantle items I’ve crafted?

Press F to open a menu that allows you to take apart your crafted items. Simply click on what you want to take apart, and the materials will return to your inventory. Press F/RMB/Esc to close this menu.

Gathering Materials
In terms of crafting materials, there is currently only wood, iron ore and copper ore. Wood can be gained from the trees on the outskirts of the map.


You will know you are at a tree you can harvest wood from when you see “Press E to chop”. The trees yield 10 wood, and wood slowly respawns.

Copper and Iron

Copper and iron ores are easy to find and are located near harvestable trees on the outskirts of the maps. The iron ore mines are shown by rocks on the ground and a handy sign that says “Iron Mine”. The copper mine is slightly different. The copper mine is brown and could be confused for a pile of dirt. The easiest way to find copper and iron is by located the “Barry Blacksmith” NPC.

For the sake of ease, I’m going to split this into two sections simply because creating the components needed (copper wire, ingots, etc) and placing the items are two different things. Familiarise yourself with gathering resources before looking at this section as it may cause confusion.


Once you have a good amount of wood, copper and iron ore, find yourself a workbench. These are located around the map and are close to places you can recycle your trash. Press E to open the workbench and begin crafting.

The crafting system is very simple as the UI tells you exactly what you need to create an item. All you need to do is click the drop down box and select the item you wish to craft, and click and hold “Craft”. The bar above this button will fill up and once the item is crafted, it’ll be in your inventory.

Building and placing

Once you have enough materials, open Q to open the building menu. Currently there is only 6 items, which are power/automation items. You can click the item you wish to build to show what materials are missing. Once you have the materials, simply click the left mouse button to build and place the item. You can use the mouse wheel to rotate the item too. Remember, you can take the item apart by pressing F if you are unhappy with the placement of the item.

In game currency
The currency in game is called incredibly stupid currency, or ISC for short. Currently the only way to earn ISC is by collecting trash littered around the map and recycling it. Trash can be found either on the floor or in the trash cans. Your total ISC is shown on the top right of your screen. ISC can be used to purchase food from the 24/7 convenience store, and also items and recipes from the Bob DYI store.

There are a few quests around the world that will reward you with candy and recipes; look out for any NPC that has a yellow name. I won’t do a guide on how to do the quests as they are here for you to do to help you explore the world a bit more.

There are currently only two known commands you can use in chat. These are;

/randomizeavatar – change the look of your character

/changename – change your in game name (use “/changename NEW NAME”)

There are currently two achievements for Project Existence and there is currently no guide online that explains how to get these. Once I have worked them out, I will leave some clues behind here!
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