Project Canvas: How to Get Each Ending

Project Canvas is a masterpiece that offers a multitude of narrative paths, each intertwined with the artistic growth of its protagonist. By following this guide, players can unlock the full spectrum of endings, each a testament to the diverse talents cultivated throughout the game.


Description Of the Endings

This beautiful game contains 5 endings.
Each ending has a short discussion and a CG.


How to Get Every Ending

There are 5 endings depending of Joucho stats. Here’s how you can tailor your gameplay to unlock each of the five captivating endings:

  • If you don’t have any stat above or equal to 400
  • If you have the dance stat above or equal to 400
  • If you have the vocal stat above or equal to 400
  • If you have the visual stat above or equal to 400
  • If you have a performance stat above or equal to 400



For example, with this situation, you will have the vocal ending

Image Credits: Mizoka


Addational Information

Given that Project Canvas is available exclusively in Japanese, players might find the language barrier a hurdle in their quest for all endings. Utilizing translation tools or community resources can enhance understanding and enrich gameplay. Moreover, ensuring your system meets the game’s requirements will provide a seamless gaming experience for players accessing the game through Steam on Windows.

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