Prodigal: Defiant Achievement Guide

This guide offer tips to help getting the Defiant Achievement.


The Altars

After beating the game once start up a new save file you should talk to this blue wizard man:

After talking to him he will take you to the Altar dimension

Activate all the altars to start the conditions of the challenge

What they do is
* You receive double damage
* Can’t pray at shrines
* No item drops from rocks or enemies
* Light attacks you from ground whenever in dungeons
* Death is permanent
* No health upgrades

With these conditions you will die in two hits without double HP buff

Skip The Story

To the bottom right of the shrines want to talk to the book to skip the story.

Skipping the story gives us access to the wing boots right way and unlocks all the dungeons.

Winged Boots will be very helpful to move faster in dungeon as we will need to dodge the light attacks.

Keaton gives smoked salmon for free

Keaton is extremely important for this achievement as she provides the only way to increase ones health

Enemies don’t drop gold so we can’t buy any buffs except that Keaton will give us smoked salmon for free.

With smoked salmon in hand we can start going to dungeons.

Whenever you use up the extra HP go to Keaton to get a free salmon. This only works during this challenge. In a standard game she will give you bread after giving free salmon

Progress Story

To complete this challenge we don’t need to complete the dungeons we just need the items so we can get just leave the dungeon after getting the item.

Go get pick

Go get hand

Go get grappling rope

Go get knuckle

Go to lighthouse and win the game
I was married to Keaton at this point and not sure if it is necessary to be married to beat the final boss.

Extra Tips

Survival with save scum

Save and Quit out of the game whenever you are about to die. The game will save your progress and spawn you back home.

Need more Health

When marrying Keaton she will give you Lovely Cake that you can use to replace the smoked salmon buff. It will double HP, give more strength, and revive you after death which you can use as a chance to save scum.

Also her wedding ring makes things cheaper so that will mean less time in the point range grinding to buy the other buffs

Need money

To make money go to the target range next to the workshop and grind some points/coins

More strength and no fall damage

Oakley will sell a strength potions as well as fall damage prevention potions

Invincibility Frames

Wren sells a food that will give you more invincibility frames which is useful for the final fight

Thanks to Vico-Chess for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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