Princess & Conquest: Best Money/Swirlies Making Strategy

This is a really good strategy for making swirlies besides the Shorty special and Family Jewels Combo. This guide is on the Princess and Conquest wiki, but I don’t think many people know about it. This strategy utilizes the Father’s Gift item with a high progeny birth rate princess in order to make over 200,000 swirlies in one pregnancy!


What You’ll Need:

  • Shorty Special
  • Father’s Gift
  • Oxytocin Salt
  • Testos – X OR Moth’s Dust(Optional)
  • Pair of Red Thread Rings (Optional)
  • Lump Pills (Optional)
  • Chunga Root (Optional)

Step 1 – Choosing a Suitable Princess

Now, for this strategy to be effective, you need a princess that will be able to birth a lot of progeny at once. Here is a list of all the princesses and their pregnancy stats. Credit to the P & C wiki.

As you can see, the moth and insect princess have a chance to birth 6 progeny at once. The rabbit and mouse princess can birth up to 4 progeny at once.

These 4 princesses are the most effective to use. If the human reign is down, and the insect princess appears, she is the best one to use due to her high progeny birth rate and her pregnancy speed.

For my playthrough, I chose the Moth princess and Rabbit princess. However, the moth princess only birthed one progeny always for me. I don’t know if it was bugged or not, but the rabbit princess was accurate and birthed between 1 – 4 progeny for me.

Step 2 – Recruiting the Princess

There are two ways to recruit a princess.

Reign – Have an affinity of at least 4, then save the princess when their reign is being seiged.

Eloping – Have an affinity of at least 3, impregnate the princess, wait until they birth an heir, and then talk to them at night in their room to elope and take them with you. Goblin only needs an affinity of 1 to be eloped and desert princess only needs 2.

If you wanted to elope, then you have two choices of impregnating the princess. You can use the pair of red thread rings to impregnate the princess through another. Or you can raise your affinity with the princess through conversations and picking the right dialogue choices, and then impregnate her during a night visit in her room.

For the pair of red thread rings strategy:

  • Attach one of the rings towards a princess in your party (most likely Kobold Princess).
  • Attach the other ring on the front of princess panties. Or else you can’t get the princess pregnant.
  • Use a shorty special in order to get a guaranteed pregnancy during sex.
  • Set up a camp at night.
  • Then have sex with the princess in your party that has the ring attached, and make sure you have intercourse on the spot you chose for her to have the ring on.
  • If you do not have high enough love stat, then you can’t have sex with the princess, unless you use a Testos – X that you get from Trevor at night or moth’s dust.

If you want to visit her room, just use a shorty special, then have sex with her in her room at night. Make sure you don’t have family jewels equipped.

To check if the princess has gotten pregnant, go to her reign and gift her an oxytocin salt. If she accepts it, then she is pregnant. If she doesn’t, then the game will tell you she’s not pregnant, and you have to repeat the steps again.

If the princess is pregnant, then keep gifting her oxytocin salts until she births an heir, and then elope with her at night.

Step 3 – Impregnating the Princess

After you have the princess in your party, it’s time to impregnate her for all the money.

  • Level the princess up to level 9 in order to max out her LOVE stat (Requires 7,667 swirlies)
  • Equip her with the Father’s Gift accessory
  • Set up a camp at night and MAKE SURE YOU SAVE
  • Use a shorty special and impregnate her at camp. (If necessary, use a testos-x)
  • Open up the party member menu, and if the princess has a symbol with a heart under her name, she is pregnant
  • Check the princess’ diary in order to see how many progeny she will be delivering
  • If the amount of progeny is too low, or not to your satisfaction, you can always reload your save and have sex with her again, until you are satisfied with the amount of progeny

Step 4 – Make Her Deliver Faster

So now that you have chosen and recruited your princess, impregnated her, maxed out her love stat, and equipped her with the father’s gift item, you just need to wait until she gives birth. However, you can make her give birth in an instant!

What you can do is:

  • Equip her with a lump pill or Chunga Root (Not really necessary)
  • Use oxytocin salts on her repeatedly until she gives birth

You will know when she is ready to deliver once you drop her out at the tavern and the egg with an exclamation point symbol appears above her head! If she doesn’t, then keep feeding her the salts and putting her at the tavern. It is a much quicker way than using the camp at night to tell if she is pregnant. An important note is to make sure the princess has the father’s gift accessory equipped when you drop her off though.

Once you do drop her off and she is ready, the father’s gift will activate for each egg or progeny she delivers. If the princess has a love stat of 10, then the fathers gift will give 35,000 swirlies each progeny!

That’s it!

That’s all there is to this money making strategy. If you have the moth princess or insect princess and they give birth to 6 progeny, you can make up to 210,000 swirlies each pregnancy! This is a much faster way of making money than using a shorty special and family jewels, but it does take more preparation time. I hope this guide helps in making you a millionaire in no time.

Thanks to Spiffuardo for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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