Potionomics: Day 21 Infinite Deck

Relatively early deck to go infinite during haggling   Deck List This is messy, but I just wanted to post this here quickly so people had access to it, before I did any cleanup and formatting. Core List 4 x Think, Sylvia, Think (Sylvia Starter) 2 x Scheme (Owl 1) 1 x Two is Better … Read more

Potionomics: All Characters Cards & Coupons + Lvl 10 Friendship Potion Requirement

Also extra tips at the end.   Intro All of the potion requirement to unlock level 10 must be superior or higher. You still need to level their friendship up even if you already ship the potions to them. Oswald No potion requirement. Just story progression. Quinn Mana Potion Sight Enchancer Muktuk Insight Enchancer Alertness … Read more