Potion Commotion: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is a guide on how to get 100% Achievements in Potion Commotion with this handy guide written by the Developer.



Gardening Wizard
  • You receive the ‘Gardening Wizard’ achievements in Potion Commotion, by reaching the milestones of Level 5, 15, and 25.
  • Leveling up will happen naturally as you play the game, and occurs when obtaining enough XP points at each level.
  • Making Potions unlocked at higher levels give more XP points.
  • To Level up faster, try to complete as many Tasks as possible once they unlock at Level 10.

Bronze – Reach Level 5

Silver – Reach Level 15

Gold – Reach Level 25

Coins and Elixir

There are many ways to earn Coins in Potion Commotion, such as making Potions, catching Flying Pigs, completing Tasks, and more.
Of all the achievements, ‘YUUGE fortune!’ and ‘Precious Green Stuff’ Gold are arguably the hardest.
But if you want to hit them, here are some handy tips for reaching this target in the later stages of the game.

  • While the number of Coins/Elixir you earn carries over from a reset, it is HIGHLY advised you don’t Prestige if you haven’t yet earned this achievement. As you’ll receive much higher rewards while maintaining at a higher level.
  • A strategy of making just Ultimate Potions while using a fully upgraded Potion Oven (and Chest) from Level 28 will prove to be a very useful strategy for hitting your targets.
  • The Coins and Elixir earned from the Wishing Well counts towards this achievement, and you can earn up to 20% of the goal in a single wish. (10,000,000 Coins or 1,000,000 Elixir)
  • Similarly, the Conversions using the Converter in Wogglebogg’s house, also count, and thus using them to change Coins to Elixir and vice versa as frequently as possible, helps your cause.
  • Lesser methods of earning that shouldn’t be overlooked are Bonuses (use Sir Loinsteak for automatic collection), completing tasks, making Secret Potions, and hiring Alexa.

Remember that these achievements are not for how many Coins or Elixir you currently have stockpiled, it’s about how much you have earned altogether.

YUUUGE fortune!

Bronze – Earn 500,000 Coins
Silver – Earn 5,000,000 Coins
Gold – Earn 50,000,000 Coins

Precious Green Stuff

Bronze – Collect 50,000 Elixir

Silver – Collect 500,000 Elixir
Gold – Collect 5,000,000 Elixir

Paid Leave

  • The higher your level, the higher the rewards after returning from being offline.
  • Also, whatever your level is, that is the number of hours you can be away for before your rewards will be capped. Level 1 = 1 hour. Level 2 = 2 hours and so on.

Bronze – Earn 5,555 Coins while Offline
Silver – Earn 55,555 Coins while Offline
Gold – Earn 555,555 Coins while Offline

Potion Making
Devotion to the Potion

  • A tip to reach this goal faster is to unlock the Potion Oven as early as possible and make good use of it!

Bronze – Brew 500 Potions

Silver – Brew 3,000 Potions

Gold – Brew 10,000 Potions

Ditching the Cauldron

  • The Potion Oven can be unlocked for 490 Elixir after reaching Level 7, I suggest you do this as early as possible for this achievement.
  • Avoid making Secret Potion Ovens in the Oven if idling, as only one can be made every 2 hour period.

Bronze – Cook 333 Potions in the Potion Oven

Silver – Cook 667 Potions in the Potion Oven

Gold – Cook 999 Potions in the Potion Oven

Jack of all Trades

  • This can only be unlocked from Level 28 with the last Potion being an Ultimate Potion, check your Stats from the achievements menu if you’re unsure which Potions you haven’t yet made.

– Make every Potion in the game

Mystery Solved

  • Mystery Potions are unlocked at Level 7.
  • The Ingredients of a Mystery Potion are reset each time one is made (or every two hours), but you can pay a small Elixir fee to get the ingredients reshuffled early if the current recipe is too hard.

– Make 25 Mystery Potions

We didn’t start the fire

  • Fire Potions are unlocked at Level 2.

– Make 117 Fire Potions


  • Secret Potions are unlocked at Level 15.
  • You can only make one Secret Potion every 2 hour period so this one will take you a bit of time to achieve.
  • If you’re struggling to figure out the ingredients, you can reveal one for a small Elixir fee to help you in making it.

– Make 3 Secret Potions

Happy and Healthy

  • While Happy Potions are available from Level 1, Healing Potions are unlocked at Level 14
  • You must make 99 of each rather than any other combination of numbers.

– Make 99 Happy and 99 Healing Potions

You can’t see me!

  • Invisibility Potions are made at Level 22.
  • If you find other Potions are using up ingredients before this one, then try turning all but Invisibility Potions off using the Spellbook.

– Make 23 Invisibility Potions

This achievement fills you with Determination

  • Determination Potions are made at Level 24.
  • If you find other Potions are using up ingredients before this one, then try turning all but Determination Potions off using the Spellbook.
  • Those who forget the pasta are doomed to reheat it.

– Make 15 Determination Potions

I’m Loving it

  • Love Potions are unlocked at Level 4.
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

– Make 69 Love Potions

Lighting the Way

  • Light Potions include: Happy, Love, Wealth, Luck, Ice, Sweet, and Determination.

– Make 1,200 Light Potions

The Dark Side

  • Dark Potions include: Fire, Strength, Sleep, Healing, Night Vision, Invisibility, and Earth.

– Make 1,000 Dark Potions


Useful Tips
  • The production of ingredients for each item can be increased by purchasing upgrades.
  • Having Princess Plum in your garden increases Ingredient Production significantly and also creates a small chance of every ingredient collected to count as 2 rather than 1.
  • Even if you have the maximum of an Ingredient already, any additional ones collected will still go towards your achievement goal, despite not fitting in your inventory.
  • Some items produce more ingredients, such as the Star Tree producing 5 Chillies at a time.

Bronze – Collect 8,000 Ingredients

Silver – Collect 120,000 Ingredients

Gold – Collect 510,000 Ingredients

Game Clover
  • Four Leaf Clovers are grown by Leprechauns, which are purchasable from Level 12.

– Collect 777 Four Leaf Clovers

In a Nutshell
  • Acorns grow on Oak Trees, which are purchasable from Level 12.

– Collect 1,500 Acorns

Milking it
  • Chocolate Milk grows on Chocolate Camels, which are purchasable from Level 6.

– Collect 333 Chocolate Milks

One small bite for Man
  • Moon Fruit grow on Space Bushes, which are purchasable from Level 10.

– Collect 1,969 Moon Fruit

Variant Collector
  • Variant Ingredients include: Volcano Ice Cream, Dark Mushrooms, Gumdrops, Sweet Carrots, Rainbow Wool and Golden Eggs.

– Collect 14,000 Ingredient Variants


Depsite being bought from the Misc. tab, Guard’em Gnomes still count as creatures for the ‘Feature the Creature’ achievements

Purchase stats aren’t reset after a restart/prestige.

  • One method to unlock this achievement quicker is by purchasing and selling the cheapest Tree, the Sweet Tree, multiple times until hitting your desired target.

Bronze – Purchase 8 Trees
Silver – Purchase 15 Trees
Gold – Purchase 32 Trees

  • One method to unlock this achievement quicker is by purchasing and selling the cheapest Plant, the Magic Beanstalk, multiple times until hitting your desired target.

Bronze – Purchase 8 Plants
Silver – Purchase 15 Plants
Gold – Purchase 32 Plants

Feature the Creature
  • Despite being bought from the Misc. tab, Guard’em Gnomes still count as creatures for the ‘Feature the Creature’ achievements.
  • Using the Guard’em Gnomes cheapened price, you can actually buy and sell the same gnome repeatedly to unlock this achievement. The first Guard’em Gnome costs 45 Coins which is a fraction of your earnings at a later level.

Bronze – Purchase 12 Creatures
Silver – Purchase 23 Creatures
Gold – Purchase 44 Creatures

  • Using the Guard’em Gnomes cheapened price, you can actually buy and sell the same gnome repeatedly to unlock this achievement. The first Guard’em Gnome costs 45 Coins which is a fraction of your earnings at a later level.

Bronze – Sold 16 Items

Silver – Sold 30 Items

Gold – Make Sold 64 Items

  • There are 135 Upgrades in total in Potion Commotion.
  • Purchasing Phonebox and Wishing Well upgrades will help towards other achievements.
  • The upgrade stat will carry across restarts.

Bronze – Make 12 Upgrades

Silver – Make 54 Upgrades

Gold – Make 100 Upgrades

We need some space
  • The Inventory Upgrade is purchasable from Level 9.

– Purchase an Inventory Upgrade

Sticky Situation
  • The Broomstick Upgrade is purchasable from Level 5.

– Purchase a Broomstick Upgrade

Somebody Once Told Me
  • You can unlock this achievement by having Star trees in the first two Tree Spaces on the left (the ones nearest to the Well) and the first two Tree Spaces on the right (the ones nearest to the Phonebox)
  • This achievement can also be triggered by having the Star Trees in either the first four Tree Spaces on the Left, the first four Tree Spaces on the right.

– The trees in the first four Tree Spaces are All Star Trees

Wishing Well

Well well well
  • To unlock ‘Well well well’, simply enchant the Well at any time for 1,000 Elixir.

– Enchant the Wishing Well

When you wish upon a Well
  • Only once the well is enchanted, can you start making wishes.
  • Try to make as many wishes as possible to achieve the Wish achievements.
  • To shorten the time between Wishes, buy Well upgrades from Level 13 to reduce the Wishing Well cooldown.

Bronze – Make 5 Wishes
Silver – Make 12 Wishes
Gold – Make 20 Wishes

Fortune favours the brave
  • To achieve ‘Fortune favours the brave’, you need to make a Wish with a 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 percent chance of coming true. Pick 25% to achieve it in the fewest number of Wishes.

– Have your wish come true with a <26% chance

Telephone Box

As handy as Andy
  • To unlock ‘As handy as Andy’, simply repair the Phonebox at any time for 2,500 Coins.

– Repair the Telephone Box

Who you gonna Call?
  • Only once the Phonebox is repaired, can you start hiring helpers.
  • Always try to have at least one Helper in the garden, the hours will add up fast!
  • The Phonebox Upgrade unlocks at Level 17 which allows you to start inviting more Helpers to your garden at one time, and for longer periods.

[/previewimg [b]Bronze[/b] – Hire helpers for 5 Hours
[/previewimg [b]Silver[/b] – Hire helpers for 25 Hours
Gold – Hire helpers for 64 Hours

A little help from my friends
  • This achievement becomes attainable from Level 17, after Alexa becomes the last helper unlocked.
  • Time spent in the garden is not relevant, so long as each helper has been hired, the achievement will be unlocked.

– Hire all 5 helpers for your garden


Useful Tips
  • The larger your garden, the higher the number of Goblins that can visit at one time, thus providing more opportunities for being caught.
  • While very useful during gameplay, it is advised not to have ‘Chester the Jester’ in your garden while trying to attain this achievement. As he reduces the number of Goblins visiting, significantly and prevents Spiders visiting altogether.
You’ve been GNOMED!
  • Having more Gnomes in your garden will increase the odds of each Goblin being scared by a Gnome.
  • You can spread out your Gnomes at any time by pressing the ‘J’ key or the ‘Down’ Arrow on a Controller, meaning they’ll cover more ground for a bit rather than huddle together.

Bronze – Your Gnomes scared away 250 Pests

Silver – Your Gnomes scared away 2,000 Pests

Gold – Your Gnomes scared away 5,000 Pests

Defender of Gardens
  • Scaring away both Goblins AND Spiders counts towards ‘Defender of Gardens’.
  • It may be advisable to have less Guard’em Gnomes in your garden if you find yourself struggling to scare away Goblins before they do.

Bronze – You scared away 100 Pests with your Cursor

Silver – You scared away 800 Pests with your Cursor

Gold – You scared away 2,000 Pests with your Cursor


Useful Tips
  • Once the Phonebox has been unlocked, you can hire Sir Loinsteak for your garden. Sir Loinsteak will increase the appearance rate for all bonuses as well as make it possible for some of these bonuses to be collected idly. The effect Sir Loinsteak has on bonus increases and automatic bonus collection is dependent on the player’s level. Players with a higher level will get more rewards from this helper.
  • The bigger your garden is, the more bonuses that can appear in it.
  • It can be easier to click on bonuses during the early levels of the game (especially the Supply Crates), as your garden is smaller and therefore it’s harder to miss them. Take advantage of this!
Demand the Supplies

Bronze – Collect 8 Supply Crates

Silver – Collect 24 Supply Crates

Gold – Collect 72 Supply Crates

When Pigs Fly

Bronze – Catch 12 Flying Pigs

Silver – Catch 36 Flying Pigs

Gold – Catch 108 Flying Pigs

Blobscure by name, Blobscure by nature

Bronze – Squeeze 16 Blobbiis

Silver – Squeeze 48 Blobbiis

[/previewimg] Gold – Squeeze 144 Blobbiis

The Great One
  • The Emperor Blobbii can ONLY be caught by being clicked on. He can never be caught automatically.
  • To trigger the appearance of an Emperor Blobbii, you must collect 20 Blobbiis in one session. (don’t quit, restart or prestige)
  • The 20 Blobbiis don’t have to be collected in a row, and it doesn’t matter if they are collected by you or automatically using Sir Loinsteak.
  • The Emperor will immediately spawn after the 20th collection, and he will appear at EITHER side of your garden and bounce through it continuously until caught or reaching the other side.
  • If you miss him, you can trigger another appearance in the same session after collecting 20 more Blobbiis.

– Catch an Emperor Blobbii

Seven Days a Week
  • This achievement is for opening your daily gift every day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc.). NOT any 7 days at random, and they do not have to be consecutive.
  • The gift will respawn each day roughly 1 minute after midnight.
  • The best strategy for unlocking this, is to open the game and collect the bonus for seven days in a row, thus ensuring you have successfully been on every day and preventing having to wait for another week if you missed a day.

– Collect the Daily Bonus on every day of the Week

Timed Achievements
  • For the Timed Achievements, remember that the timers only increment while in the game itself, time spent in the initial menu and loading screen will not count towards your goal.
  • Your best hope for unlocking all the timed achievements is to let the game run Idly rather than always actively controlling your garden.
For the longest time

Bronze – Play Potion Commotion for a total of 10 hours

Silver – Play Potion Commotion for a total of 30 hours

Gold – Play Potion Commotion for a total of 80 hours

Gardening Marathon

Bronze – Play Potion Commotion for 4 hours in one session

Silver – Play Potion Commotion for 8 hours in one session

Gold – Play Potion Commotion for 12 hours in one session


This task a gruelling one
  • To unlock the Task System, you must reach Level 10.
  • Use the Spellbook to your advantage when completing Tasks, choose which Potions get priority and you can even stop making certain Potions if you only want to focus on Task Potions.
  • After Level 15, you’ll unlock a 2nd Task Slot, then a 3rd at 20, a 4th at 30, and an additional 5th and 6th should you reach Levels 40 and 50.

Bronze – Complete 7 tasks

Silver – Complete 21 tasks

Gold – Complete 42 tasks

Broken Mouse
  • You need to reach Level 4 to unlock Broken Mouse – Bronze
  • You need to reach Level 6 to unlock Broken Mouse – Silver
  • You need to reach Level 7 to unlock Broken Mouse – Gold
  • One sneaky way to increase your clicking speed, is to use the Left-Mouse Button while also pressing the Space Bar, as both count as Clicks.
  • In Co-Op mode, you and a friend could both continuously click on the Coin Bag to save both time and effort.

Bronze – Take 101 Coins from the Coin Bag in one go

Silver – Take 501 Coins from the Coin Bag in one go

Gold – Take 1,001 Coins from the Coin Bag in one go

It’s a Clicker game
  • Once in the game, every single click counts towards this achievement! That’s right, EVERY click.
  • This one may just happen naturally as you progress in the game, but feel free to help it along by clicking on ingredients, pests, bonuses, and more!
  • If you’re grinding for this achievement, you can click on the Infinite Coin Bag, because at least that way, you’ll get a coin for each click.
  • You can significantly reduce the time to reach this achievement in Co-Op mode, as both player’s clicks will increment the click stat.

Bronze – Click 5,000 times

Silver – Click 15,000 times

Gold – Click 25,000 times

Getting your priorities straight
  • Once reaching Level 2, either enter Wogglebogg’s house and click on the Spellbook to the right of the Cauldron OR open up the Potions Tab and click on the ‘Priority’ button to unlock this achievement.

– Check out your Potion Priority List

Social Butterfly
  • To achieve this, enter the game, open the settings menu, click onto the ‘i’ button, and then onto the Social Media button (with a Butterfly Icon) and open up ALL of the four links shown.
  • You do not actually have to Like us on FaceBook, Join our Discord, Follow our Twitter or Subscribe to our YouTube to receive this achievement. (though we’d love you if you did)
  • If you open up the links while still on the initial menu screen, the achievement won’t trigger until you enter the garden.
  • Clicking on the Discord link via the ‘Bug Report’ screen will still count towards this achievement.

– Check out all the game’s Social Media pages

This meme isn’t dead, my dudes
  • Go to the far left of Wogglebogg’s house and click on the adorable little Froggy residing there, and the achievement will unlock.

– You learned what day it is!

Checkin’ us out
  • To achieve this, enter the game, open the settings menu, click onto the ‘i’ button, and then click the ‘Credits’ button. And let the Credits roll all the way through until it returns you to the menu.
  • Watching the Credits on the initial menu screen will not instantly trigger the achievement, you must enter the game scene afterward for it to trigger.

– View the Credits (all the way through)

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