Portal Reloaded: How to Load a Save

Here is a simple tutorial on how to load a specific save. Other than the last autosave.   How to Load a Save Go to your Library Right click portal reloaded Click on Manage -> Browse local files Navigate to the portalreloaded/SAVE/<somenumber> Folder Delete the autosave.sav file Rename the savefile you wish to load to … Read more

Portal Reloaded: Atlas Easter Egg in Chapter 5

Our beloved friend Atlas is watching us while we create our first time portals! This guide shows you when and where to find him.   Video Guide   With noclip enabled you can get a better look at him. Text Guide In Chapter 5 Place the time portal anywhere walk through an keep walking use mouse wheel zoom to look here I was to … Read more

Portal Reloaded: P-Body Easter Egg Between Chapters 23 and 24

P-Body can be found in the area between Chapters 23 and 24.   Where to find him After completing Chapter 23, run along the walkway and look to your right. Here you will see a green light, along with P-Body running towards it. If you can’t find him, use noclip after Chapter 23. He doesn’t … Read more

Portal Reloaded: How to Make Toggle Zoom Button

Since the game uses the zoom operation to fire the time portal, there is no single key to toggle zoom. With this code you can have one.   Read this! ———————————————————————————————————————————– This code was created because I wanted to toggle zoom with a single click (and jump with scroll). And since the game uses the … Read more

Portal Reloaded: How To Enable Developer Console

Enable the developer console in the game due to the creators automatically disabling it.   Method 1 You can add -console to the game launch properties to enable it. this is the most simple way.   Method 2 To enable the console, first you must quit out of the game. Once you have quit out the game, … Read more

Portal Reloaded: How to End in the Wrong Timeline

This a tutorial on how to end in the wrong Timeline on some of the chambers in Portal Reloaded.   What is this guide? This guide tries to explain some of the ways you can get a wrong timeline end on different chambers in portal reloaded. A wrong timeline end is where the developer has … Read more