Portal Dungeon: How to Unlock All Characters

A guide on how to unlock all characters in portal dungeons.



Mage/Wizard – Starting character.

Warrior – Starting character.

Archer – Starting character.

Engineer – Defeat 100 monsters.

Jack The Swordsman – Once you are in a game, press esc and go back to the main menu. Load your game back up and go all the way to the left of the village and choose “continue”. It will teleport you to a room where you can find Jack to the left, interact with him and he will be available to play.

Clown – Start up a game with any character and aim for the unknown (?) levels. If you encounter a store in a unknown map, you will be able to take the teleporter to the gambling chest. Jump to the left and a path will open up, follow it and interact with the Clown in order to unlock.

Assasin – Defeat the Shadow Guardian 5 times (appear in levels as a miniboss, you can find these easier by pursuing elite encounters with the tag “kill the boss”.

Warlock – Defeat “The Nightmare” two times, you’ll find this boss in unknown levels (?).

Soldier – Walk through portals 100 times.

Cat – Finding and interacting with the cat in-game, I found this in a unknown (?) level.

Dog – Appears randomly on the map and unlocks once you interact with it, I found this in a unknown (?) level.

Paladin – Pick up the Holy Cross 3 times, which is a yellow relic. It can be found anywhere, except for the starting box in my experience. I found most of these in shops.

Zombie – Die 20 times.

Shield – Receive more than 30.000 damage in a single game, it will come naturally once you get far enough.

Berserker – Cause bleeding status to enemies over 999 times. A quicktip for this one is to use the assasin and use the upgrade on the 4th skill that causes bleeding. Hit the training dummy in the village for a few minutes and you got yourself the berserker. If you use your talents point in the attack line and focusing skills, progress will be even faster.

Old Dad – Clear easy, normal and hard. The order does not matter, you don’t have to do world 9.

Robot – Kill General Rabbit Σ on Hard difficulty (World 9)

Thanks to Lucadelic for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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