POPGOES Arcade: How to Fix “What Now?” Achievement Bug

It’s possible that the final completionist achievement “What Now?” bugged out and didn’t activate for you. This guide provides a workaround that fixed it for me. Goes without saying, but this guide is intended for people who have gotten all other achievements in the game. I’m writing this under the assumption that you have 36/37 … Read more

POPGOES Arcade: Popgoes Lore Guide

Are you new to the artistic masterpiece POPGOES? Do you know nothing about the sweet, sweet lore? This DEFINITIVE guide will help you understand the true essence of this renowned franchise. The LORE 1983 – Fredbear’s Family Diner is opened Somewhere from 1983-1987 – Fredbear’s is closed for unknown reasons, at least in the Popgoes … Read more