POLYGON: How to Farm XP & Money Fastly and Efficicently

also money farm.
80k xp/hour, (34k per game(25 min), 1500xp/minute, 300 xp/12 seconds).


Why this farm

In short: fast, efficient, doesn’t require thinking.

If run well it will give you 2 kills worth of points every 12 seconds. To get that many points in a normal game you must have around 300 kills.
If everybody takes turns to kill one another, the speed would be hampered by the time it takes to spawn in and to run.
However, if all the people on the opposing side will let themselves be spawn killed by you alone, you can get a theoretical efficiency that is double my farm. It only works for one individual though.

Farming basics

In short: switch who captures the point as fast as possible(realistic top speed is every ~6 seconds)

The farm is a non-killing farm. It works around capturing the A point and letting it be captured as fast as possible.
You get 100 points(=100 xp & 100 credits) for turning the red point to white, and 200 points to turn the white into blue.
You need at least a 1 player difference in the point to capture it; for example 4 red and 5 blue makes blue cap.
The bigger the player difference(example 0 red 4 blue), the faster the point is captured –> faster xp.
If the difference is big enough you can cap in 5 seconds. I think a difference of 2 is enough, but I am not sure.
Take .5 seconds to switch, and put another .5 for human error and you get 6 seconds per cap per side. –> 12 seconds every revolution –> 300 xp/12 seconds –> 80k/hour(including human error).

Switching sides(in->out/out->in circle) can be done at the moment the opposing side gets their points (it will show up as a golden +300). That is faster, thus more efficient.

1 Looking for supple ground

Go to the multiplayer tab (top left) and look for an xp farm.
Choose one with more than 3 players.

2 Civilized or Barbaric?

Look if they have an efficient setup(300 points every ~7 seconds(they switch captures every ~7 seconds or less), if they do, follow the saying:”when in Rome, do as the Romans.”

If not, go to step 3

3 Bring Efficiency

type in all chat:

Shoot when you get 300 points, and switch when you hear the shots.

Don’t stay in the circle if it isn’t your turn.

One shooter is enough per side.

When you’ve put that in all chat you just need to give the right example.
Shoot once(1) you see the +300 points appearing on your screen, and leave the circle immediately.
In the beginning you can also shoot one time immediately when you see the point flashing red, but only in the beginning; hearing is less effort than sight.
It is likely that soon a player on the opposing team will also follow, et voila, the beginnings of a fruitful harvest.

Of course there will be some leeches, so we’ll deal with them in:

4 Enforcement and Execution

In short: be the law: judge and executioner. Jury? We don’t do that here.

To have the most efficient farm, all the participants must work together seamlessly.
ANY obstacle in the way of maximum efficiency must be EXTERMINATED.

There are two kinds of hindrances: 1 The unknowing player who kills, and 2 the lazy leach who is afk while staying in the circle.

Both will lower the speed at which you are able to farm, it can even stop the farm altogether. So they must be removed.
For both of the hindering players one must give a warning; it could be that they didn’t know any better, or they had to be afk for a very short while(maybe to type something).
For this we will use the totally arbitrary Three-strikes-and-you’re-out system, meaning they get three warnings and then you’ll begin removal of the insects.

For the killing players: kick them

For players who are afk: execute them, either you do it yourself, or by the other team. BE CAREFUL! announce that you’re going to kill the player so as not to be mistaken as an barbarian.
If the afk players come back, explain what happened and why. If they repeat offend, kick them as well.

One can also find a player who is a little slower than the rest, one that is going at the wrong time, or one that has the turns confused. You only need to point out what they can do better, and all is well. No need for lethal force.

How to kick

1. Tap tab
2. Hold middle mouse button
3. Hover over the player name you want kicked
4. Left click their name
5. Click vote kick
6. Tap tab
7. Hope others vote him out as well

Thanks to quewerty.gov for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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