Pocket Waifu: Everything You Need to Know (Tips & Tricks)

Pocket Waifu was released by Nutaku, a publisher from Japan with many popular games. here are everything you need to know about this game.


General Tips
1) Affections are gained based on added stats(happiness, hunger or cleanliness). Therefore if you have something max (125/125) doing it again will not give you affection.

2) Save your diamonds, obviously.

3) Play the games, you need money for a lot of things. Ex: buy better food so that you can complete daily wishes.

4) Save your gacha for tasks

5) There will only be 3 girls who has daily wishes each day, I would suggest that you only play games with those who don’t have daily wishes, and when they reach max happiness, feed or shower them with the unlimited stuff.

Your goal is to fill the lust bar and just quit the game, anything after that is not really worth your time, unless you want to maximize your coins. If you want max affection/happiness, simply get 3 stars and you can leave.

One obvious tip = practice makes perfect

Dancing Snake

A pretty straightforward game. If you have trouble going past the straight line obstacle, wiggle your way through by spamming in the middle.

Line Breaker

also a straightforward game.

Red = die
Back = get knocked back to the same path you were in
White = safe
Orange = safe + get a coin

Be patient and only go through when you are sure you won’t die. You don’t have to go through all white and orange line.

City Driver

1) It’s better to flip to regain your balance most of the time.

2) Go slow so that you know what to expect ahead, only then reverse and fly.

Once you nail the game, it becomes one of the easiest game you can do.

Speed run games

My opinion on which game can be done the fastest while getting 3 star.

1) Switch the Gravity
2) City Driver
3) Bridges
4) Line Breaker
5) Sky Jump
6) Cake Hit
7) Spiral
8)Waifu Flip
9) Dancing Snake
10) Flappy WIngs
11) Cat Race
12) High Roller
13) Love Ball

You unlock the garden when your first 3 girls reach ‘friend’ relationship (3rd level).

1) Your crop’s quality decreases by half a star if you do not water them. They are automatically watered when their quality drops.

2) Make sure you can water your crops every time you can, you do not want to be sleeping when you need to water your crops.

3) I’m figuring out at what water percentage can you water the crops, will update here when I find out.

4) Spend the coins for increased harvested crops and longer watered duration.

*** Rumour says that upgraded tools will allow you to water crops at higher water percentage, so maybe invest in upgrading tools

Daily Wishes
You unlock daily wishes when you unlock your fourth girl.

1) Don’t be a cheapskate, buy food/bathroom things to help you to reach the requirements faster.

2) If you encounter bugs where you finished the daily wishes but the tasks does not recognize it, wake your girl up and relaunch your game.

Let me know
I’m just putting whatever I know here, if you got tips let me know.
By Babu

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