Pineapple on pizza: 100% Achievements Walkthrough

Text walkthrough with screenshots and achievements explained.



Achievements count – 16
Time to 100% – 10 min


1. Start the game


2. Go right from the start along the beach until you see the statue

Approach the statue.

3. Continue your way along the beach, step into one of sailboats.

Step onto a sailboat.

4. Approach limbo players to break the stick

Ruin the limbo.

5. Continue your way along the beach and go into crops field for another achievement

Walk through the corn plantations.

6. After corns field, you will see man with birds, approach him.

Bird friend
Approach the man feeding the birds.

7. From man feeding the birds go further to find skilled dancer

Skilled dancer
Approach the skilled dancer.

8. Approach turtle not far away from skilled dancer

Approach the turtle.

9. Continue your way along the beach. You gonna see the village. Approach kids inside this hut.

Kids playing
Approach the kids playing.

10. Step into the circle in the same village

Step inside the circle.

11. After village on one of the stones you will find baby:

Approach the baby.

12. From baby location go stright into the beach. You will find bench:

Approach the bench.

13-14. Find any way to the volcano and climp the cliff, then jump from it.

Approach the cliff.

Jump from the cliff.

15. Climb the volcano and jump into it to cause volcano eruption and get last achievement

The floor is lava
Activate the volcano.

16. Return to the boats while volcano is erupting. Step on any of them and wait for escape

Get out of the island.

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