PIGBLUE: 100% Achievements Walkthrough

Text walkthrough with all achievements in the game. 10 mins to 100%



Achievements count – 7
Time to 100% – 10 min


  • Skip text until “Welcome to”
  • Type ‘PIGBLUE‘ (Uppercase) and Press “Enter”

Welcome to PIGBLUE

  • He looked at the rear mirror.
  • He opened the glovebox
  • He checked his pockets
  • He turned the radio on
  • He changed the channel
  • He went on searching
  • He reached for the car lighter
  • He turned the radio off.

Could you please leave the town?

  • He turned the radio off.
  • He started the engine
  • He looked inside the glovebox.
  • He opened the trunk
  • Blake started walking
  • He just wanted to leave this town
  • He looked behind
  • He turned back
  • He got closer
  • He shouted
  • Are you okay?
  • ‘Is your home nearby?’ he asked.
  • Blake run after the boy.
  • Blake took the object and examined it
  • He took out his notebook
  • He entered the password
  • Type ‘BLAKE‘ (Uppercase) and press ‘Enter’

You solved the puzzle.

  • He went in.
  • He walked towards the man.
  • ‘Good evening.’ said Blake.
  • ‘How do you know my name?’
  • ‘I have never brough anyone here’
  • ‘One of my friends?’
  • ‘Do you have a spare room?’
  • ‘Yes… but the boy in the forest…’
  • Blake went to the room 103.
  • He woke up.
  • He knocked the door.
  • He went in.
  • He went to room… 203
  • Blake knocked the door and waited
  • He tried to open the door
  • He went to room… 101

Room 101
James promised he would come again.

  • He went in.
  • He looked at the key cabinet
  • He read the paper.
  • He entered the password
  • Type 3259 and press ‘enter’

The key
You have the key.

  • He went to room… 103
  • He examined the envelope
  • He read it.

You read the letter.

  • He returned to reception.
  • He went to room… 203
  • Blake opened the door
  • He examined the bear
  • He returned to reception.
  • He went to room… 103
  • He went to the restroom
  • Type ‘?‘ and press ‘enter’
  • Blake jumped into the boat
  • …to reel in.
  • He put a gun in his mouth
  • He looked around
  • He took the canister
  • He left the hotel
  • He lit a cigarette

Burn it all down.

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