Phasmophobia: All Cookies Guide (Holiday 2022 Event)

Time to get all your Cookies for your new Phasmophobia Trophy! This guide covers every map in the event with video, pictures, and text.


Introduction + Video With Everything

Hello hello! I’m Sir. Galahad and I’m a player with over 2,000 levels, and over 400 hours in Phasmophobia! I’ve been playing since last year making this my second Christmas event!

Anyhow that’s enough for introductions. To make things quick I have a YouTube video showing all the locations! I’ve even timestamped it so there should be proper video chapters to click around through! But I’ll also write everything down and post screenshots below for anyone panicking!


Bleasdale has four cookies downstairs, two upstairs. There are none in the Attic.
One cookie is right on the dining table to your left as you enter,

two are in the kitchen (One on a chair, one behind a unique Kettle) and

one is in the back room with the heater, hiding behind some wood.

Upstairs you’ll find them both relatively close to eachother.
Ones on the table at the end of the hallway near the stairs, the other on the leather chair with a beercan, where the voodoo doll spawns.


Edgefield has three cookies on the ground floor, two upstairs, and one in the basement.
The basement one is very obvious on the table when you enter,
The ground floor ones are
1) By the car keys at the entrance

2) On the table in the Kitchen

3) On the dining room table.

4) Basement, Table in main room.

Both the upstairs cookies are on end tables in the main hallway.


Grafton has four cookies downstairs, and two cookies upstairs.
1) Dining Room Table

2) Kitchen counter behind a Beercan in the corner

3) Utility closet next to kitchen, sitting on stool

4) Master bedroom on a night stand.

5) Nursery on a table/desk

6) Bedroom on the Night stand


Ridgeview has three cookies on the ground floor, One in the basement, and two upstairs.

1) Living Room Coffee Table

2) Piano Room on the Computer Desk

3) Garage on a Wall Shelf with Paint cans at the far end

4) Basement, left from when you enter, sits on a chair in the corner.

5) Upstairs blue bedroom (Left from stairs, end of hallway), lower part of the nightstand

6) Upstairs Green Bedroom (Right from stairs), On the desk


Tanglewood has five cookies upstairs, and one downstairs.
1) Entrance by the Car Key

2) Laundry room on the Washer

3) Garage on the Tool Bench

4) Kitchen on the Counter

5) Dining Room atop the vase

6) Basement on the table at the far end, where Ouija board spawns.

Willow Street

Willow has five cookies upstairs, and one in the Basement

1) Living Room, Coffee table

2) Kitchen, On the Bread board on the counter top

3) Garage, on the Workbench near the wood hiding spot

4) Boys (Blue) Bedroom, on the Computer Desk, Mouse Pad

5) Master (Yellow) Bedroom, on the small table by the window, obscured by the plant

6) Basement, Left Storage Room, on the floor by the workbench

Camp Woodwind

Camp Woodwind’s cookies can lead you in a Circular path around the site.

1)Food Tent, by the cans of beans.

2)Camp Fire, near food tent, on a log, surrounded by Marshmallow Skewers

3) Red Tent, on the Cast Iron Skillet
For this one there’s currently a glitch with it. In order to obtain it empty your hand, then grab the skillet, and then you may pick up the cookie.

4 + 5) Lover’s Bench (Back of the Campsite)

6) Yellow Tent, where the Music Box spawns

Thanks to Sir. Galahad for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide fromĀ Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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