Persona 4 Golden: How to Get Victory Cry

This simple guide shows how to get Victory Cry on a Persona. This can be used for fusion to put it on other Personas and can be done fairly early on in the game. It is recommended to do this as early as possible, since this fusion relies on you not having a high Social … Read more

Persona 4 Golden: True Ending Guide (December 2020)

I heard that a couple of people have problems with these days and they’re getting stuck, today I’ll show you how to get past that part, and how to be on a road to the True Ending 😀   Introduction So apperently some people are hitting a bad ending in these days or just are … Read more

Persona 4 Golden: How to Get All Costumes

Simple guide on what to do to unlock all costumes in the game. If there is anything incorrect or missing, leave a comment and I’ll eventually update the guide.   Costume Sets Winter Yaso Outfit: Starting Costume. Summer Yaso Outfit: Automatically given. Midwinter Yaso Outfit: Automatically given. Winter Clothes: Automatically given. Summer Clothes: Automatically given. … Read more

Persona 4 Golden: Margaret’s Fusion Wishes Guide (Empress Arcana)

Here is a quick guide to help with the fusions for Margaret’s social link.   Rank 2 Fusion – Ippon-Datara with Sukukaja Required level: 17 Temperance Sylph (Sukukaja) + Justice Archangel Temperance Sylph (Sukukaja) + Devil Lilim Temperance Sylph (Sukukaja) + Sun Cu Sith Rank 3 Fusion – Matador with Mahama Required Level: 24 Hierophant … Read more

Persona 4 Golden: Boxed Lunches Guide

These are the correct selections for the lunches, ordered alphabetically: Broiled Fish – Wrap it tightly California Rolls – Mix and cool simultaneously Carrot & Burdock Root Kinpira – Add soy sauce and mirin Chakin Sushi – Thinned eggs Cream Stew – Dump in all the cold milk Croquettes – High Curry – Simmer Daigaku-Imo … Read more

Persona 4 Golden: Extract and Edit Cutscenes with Unp4cker

Use a custom PowerShell script to extract P4G cutscenes for modification and repackage them into the game!   Introduction Unp4cker is a PowerShell script which uses GNU CoreUtils to automatically identify and extract P4G PC video files. It can also repackage them for in-game playback, although this feature is currently experimental. File Format Breakdown Persona 4 … Read more

Persona 4 Golden: How to Obtain the Fishing Rod

Persona 4 Golden has been released on Steam today, here is a simple guide on how to obtain the fishing rod in Persona 4 Golden.   How to Get the Fishing Rod in Persona 4 Golden? There are a number of things associated. You must be able to leave your house at night. The Item … Read more

Persona 4 Golden: Margaret Social Link Fusion Guide

Unlike all other social links. The Velvet Room’s Margaret has a slightly different social link. Unlike the other Social links, Margaret’s social link requires you to fuse Personas with exact skills and powers. Its a little tricky, so here’s a guide on the easiest way to fuse each Persona she asks for.   Introduction Social … Read more

Persona 4 Golden: All Classroom Question and Exam Answers

Here is a simple, straight forward guide to all the Question and Exam answers across Persona 4 Golden. Makes maxing out your knowledge and getting perfect exam scores easy! In this guide, we’ll show you answers to all the classroom questions as well as provide you a cheat sheet of answers for your midterms and … Read more