Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous: Aeon Path (Code of Drezen)

Alright, so a lot of people in the forums seem to have a problem with the whole ‘law and order’ thing, often perceiving the Lawful options as being too cruel or unjust. Unfortunately for them, an Aeon doesn’t care about your personal feelings on the matter. The law is the law, and people are going to follow it, whether they like it or not!

So, in order to help clarify what rules you are meant to enforce on this path, I’ve decided to create a guide listing all the laws in the Code of Mendev. This book can be obtained from your bedroom after committing to the Aeon path in Drezen, but this should provide an easier reference for those who are considering taking this path.


Court of Drezen: Code of Martial Law

1 – The court of Drezen shall be held before the army of Drezen. Whensoever the Queen, the King, or the viceroys are absent from the fortress, the currently sworn Commander of Drezen shall be proclaimed the Supreme Judge

2 – The court of Drezen is open to soldiers of Drezen. Senior officers have the right to dispute a sentence or express their agreement, but the Commander of Drezen shall make the final decision.

3 – Any civilian attached to the crusades who is a subject of Mendev, who deceives, engages in fraud or breaks agreements shall be sentenced to banishment from Drezen.

4 – Any soldier or officer who breaks the code of honorable conduct with respect to the people of Mendev shall be sentenced to imprisonment.

5 – Any cultist or demon follower proven to have engaged in heresy shall be executed.

6 – Any looted proven to have committed an act of pillaging shall be sentenced to imprisonment.

7 – Any preacher who serves the gods, but engages in heresy and corruptions of soldiers shall be sentenced to banishment.

8 – Those who sell harmful or forbidden potions, powders and other medicines to soldiers in Drezen shall be sentenced to death..

9 – Any deserter who is caught during an escape shall be summarily executed. Any deserter who is found hiding shall be arrested and sent to the front, so serve in a unit known as “the Condemned.”

10 – Anyone without military rank who kills a soldier of Drezen shall be convicted by the court of Drezen and sentenced to death.

11 – Any soldier who kills another soldier of Drezen shall be executed.

12 – Any soldier of Drezen who breaks the laws of other nations shall be sentenced to imprisonment.

Thanks to GrandMajora for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide fromĀ Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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