Parasocial: All Achievements + Some Tips

All the achievements and a few tips for the game!



Long time no see
Talk to everyone at the cafe

Make sure to talk to EVERYONE before you pick up you order from the barista. There is the gaijin older man, the two women, the random guy in the back missing someone and the guy in the black hoodie by the back of the cafe.

Uher Eats
Order food on phone.

When the main character is starving and needs to get dinner, make sure to pick uber eats, I mean uher eats first.

Thank you for the support!
Examine a supporter item

When at the convenience store, make sure to pick up one of the magazines on the wall by the door. I recommend Tamaki! 😀

Something is not right
Make the wrong choice
Don’t call Asuka over to your apartment when you are feeling scared.
Pick anyone but Asuka to come help you when the stalker arrives.

Meat & Potato
Get the true ending
When you are feeling scared make sure to call Asuka over to keep you company
Once you see the video call Asuka to help you. You’ll then have to find her next door, save her and run from the stalker and well.. everyone else to get the true ending.


Spoilers ahead!

In the first game within a game you’ll see a door which needs a code.
The chat will eventually get tried of you can backseat to tell you where all the number are. There is one behind the sliding doors of the bedroom, one behind a trashbag to the left of the computer set-up, one to the right of the computer set-up on the wall and the last one is on the chair in the back of the kitchen/dining room. Make sure to note the number and color of each one

Or you can just click here…
Red 5
Blue 7
Yellow 3
Green 4

For the other Minigames
Avoid the police!
You want to find a lever and pull it down
Then find the woman / ghost / Mariko
Then take her to the red door but avoid all the police

The first time the stalker gets into your house
When the stalker gets into your house, the chat will “help” by telling you to find a weapon and kill them! So helpful…

Anyway what you want to do is go get the screwdriver in the closet behind your computer set-up. You’ll need to hide in a room until they pass you by and then run (walk slowly) to go get it. Then you need to stab the stalker by getting behind them and using the screwdriver.

The second time the stalker gets into your house
If you call anyone besides Asuka you can just wait it out. Eventually the stalker will find you and someone will help you. Then you’ll get the alternate ending.

If you call Asuka, you’ll need to get next door via the balcony. Once inside you can find her in the bathtub. Once she tells you to run you need to run (walk slowly) as quickly as you can to the balcony door, go through your balcony, then to your door. Once you leave the apartment you can finally run! Hit SHIFT! Then run as fast as you can to the police box. Do not talk to anyone, Do not trust anyone! Ignore, avoid and run! Then you’ll gt the true ending.

Thanks to GalaxySystem for his excellent guide; all credits belong to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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