Paper Planet: Achievements & Items Guide

List of achievements with tips, along with all current items in the game and their descriptions.


Achievements (1/2)

A lot of these achievements are rather straightforward to acquire and thus don’t really require any discourse, so I will just list them for completion’s sake and go into more detail for the more complex ones.

Boss Achievements – Sharper/Facing Your Fears/Extinguished/Roses are Red/Magehunter/Fate of the Stars

  • Defeat Sharp for the first time.
  • Defeat the twins Phobos and Deimos for the first time.
  • Defeat the Wildfire for the first time.
  • Defeat the overgrown flower, Violet, for the first time.
  • Defeat the space wizard Zenith for the first time.
  • Defeat the starworm Karmai for the first time.


Performance Achievements – Combo King/FULL COMBO/Untouchable/Speedrunner/Oops, All Perfect

  • Reach 2,500 combo.
  • Beat the game without losing combo.
  • Beat the game or boss rush without taking damage.
  • Beat a normal run in 12 minutes or less.
  • Beat the game and perfect every zone.


Collection Achievements – I’LL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK/Nothing Left To Do But Become a Menace/Rush Hour

  • Purchase all items in a shop during a run.
  • Unlock and pick up all items, gamemodes, planets, and library entries.
  • Use every item in Boss Rush.

For the Rush Hour achievement, because there are 155 selectable items (Bag o’ Bribes – Diamond – Origami Clover – Violet’s Petals – VIP Card are excluded) and you can only select 6 items per run, then you will have to do a minimum of 25-26 runs to use all the items (Miracle Beetle can count for another item). Note that you can turn on the Sugar of Stars difficulty modifier to make the runs a lot more streamlined while still checking off the items, and then do your final or an additional run with that modifier off to trigger the achievement.

Challenge Achievements

I will sort the remaining achievements roughly by order of difficulty. Note that any mention of a seeded run implies that you have every item unlocked (recommended to go into Settings > Unlock Everything! if you want to go for the harder achievements early on), since item pools will differ otherwise. The items will also differ depending on if the Sugar of More/Spice of Scavengers difficulty modifiers are active, so note what is being used when I mention a seed.

It’s a Party!

Play co-op with a friend or two or ten.

Seems like you will need a controller to plug into your computer (a virtual one could potentially work in lieu of that) so you can activate a second player. You will get the achievement as soon as you start a game with two or more players.

Simulation Successful

Have 20 or more Rat Buddies on your planet at once in creative mode.

Creative Mode is unlocked upon your first standard mode win. The rest should be straightforward.

Farewell to Bitrate

Have over 10,000 active bullets on screen at once.

This achievement should appear as soon as you cross the 10,000 bullet count threshold during a run. If you use the max Sugar of More difficulty modifier, it probably won’t be too difficult to stumble upon a run that achieves this so long as you focus on fire rate up and bullet generation/persistence items (even more easily achievable if you run the Volcano Planet). As the name implies though, be careful of the bullet count heavily slowing down your game; you may need to turn off auto-fire with the F key and only fire sporadically to ensure you can still dodge.

If you want a seed where you can easily achieve this, check out -2043716758 (Max Sugar of More difficulty modifier)

NOTE: This achievement seems to be bugged for a lot of people such that they are unable to obtain it even after meeting the criteria; currently it seems like those affected will have to wait for the developers to push a fix…

Traumatize Zenith

Defeat Zenith in under 5 seconds – so mean!

Obviously requires a very strong run, but with the Max Sugar of More difficulty modifier it shouldn’t be too difficult to stumble upon something usable. You can probably do this with the seed I mentioned in the “Farewell to Bitrate” section (-2043716758).

Pain Train

Take 15 or more damage in a single run.

Recommended to use the Square Planet since it has built-in healing if you finish enough waves on the healing side, but you can probably do this with any planet so long as you deliberately keep getting hit and buying shop hearts/health items to compensate.

Who Needs Bullets?

Beat Boss Rush without firing a single bullet (except selector bullets).

Get Cursed Chip as your first item (sword swing on block), then stack attack/firerate. I would also recommend picking up Dei’s Beam Buddy to diversify your damage. Below is just an example clear, although there are probably more efficient item choices.

Achievements (2/2)

One Item Wonder

Beat the game with only 1 item picked up.

The general go-to for this is Prairie Planet + Forbidden Gummi, since you get a huge boost in damage due to the +2 max health and full heal, along with the standard high stat gains. From there, preserving your health as best you can is paramount, since every hit greatly reduces your damage output and makes it easier to take subsequent hits. It’s generally recommended to max out all the other Sugar difficulty modifiers (although More is unnecessary and Stars is obviously a no-go) to give yourself as much advantage as possible. Expect to take about 30-40 minutes on a successful run.

An example seed that contains Forbidden Gummi in the first shop is 141955437 (max Spice of Scavengers difficulty modifier).

Carolina Reaper/Dedicated, but Very

Beat the game with all spices enabled at their maximum level.
Beat the game with maximum spice, without taking damage or losing combo, in 18 minutes or less. Phew!

I’m grouping these final two together since due to the nature of “all spice” runs, if you can maintain your combo, you will usually get these two together. Max spice runs can be rather egregious, as the combination of extremely fast enemies and heavy bullet spam, coupled with the fact that you are basically hard-capped at 1 health, means that a sizable part of the item pool is either effectively useless, or objectively worse than other items that you would have preferred. The obvious example would be any item that increases health (outside of maybe Prairie Planet who can still use that phantom HP for increased stats), or any stat bonus paling in comparison to you rather getting Forbidden Gummi or Unstable Core. Less items also equals less opportunities to strengthen your shooter, and this all equates to probably a good amount of runs where it would be virtually impossible to get this achievement.

With all this in mind, it is highly recommended to use specific seeds when aiming for this achievement, moreso than any other. The general structure of an optimal seed would be a high damage item early (i.e., Forbidden Gummi/Unstable Core) and some sort of area of effect to ensure an easier time maintaining combo heading into World 2, ideally getting a strong curse item by the first shop or boss drop (curse doesn’t matter if you are stuck at 1 HP anyways). You will ideally also want at least some shops that stock shields for contingency, as you are allowed to take a hit with those without dying/invalidating the run.

On top of this, while not mandatory (unless you are playing Plane Planet…), it is highly recommended to find a seed that contains Violet’s Petals mid-game (or at minimum Power Pylon), as the yellow bullet spam becomes extremely cumbersome to dodge naturally. Shield Bullets would

An example seed that matches all this criteria (no Shield Bullets and having a shield in the World 1 shop only, however) is -582496285 (max Spice of Scavengers difficulty modifier, obviously). Even with a good seed however, you will still require good play, so best of luck.

Example run of the provided seed:

Example of a separate allspice run that, while drops combo once early on, shows that this is still achievable without Unstable Core/Violet’s Petals:

All Items (1/4)

Unlock Requirement
Bullets speed up over time! Piercing up!
Bullets will accelerate in the direction they’re facing indefinitely.
Aged Warspear
Get more damage each zone!
Gain +3 Damage whenever a zone completes, and +3 Damage immediately.
Almond Milk
Firerate way up! Damage way down!
Gain 4x Firerate and 0.35x Damage.
Ancient Dial
Telepoof some bullets with you when you teleport!
Fires your Shot Pattern straight up upon teleporting.
Bag o’ Bribes
Lower shop prices!
Makes shop prices 40% cheaper.
lol so random!
+6 Charge Time, 2x Charged Damage, infinite Charged Piercing. Shoots a chaotic banana.
Health and Speed up!
Gain +10 Speed, +1 Health, and +1 Max Health.
Bay Blade
Spinny bullets!
Causes your bullets to spin in circles.
Bee Bullets
Causes your bullets to rotate themselves to match your turret barrel’s rotation. Gain 1.1x Firerate.
Black Hole
Bullets suck in enemies!
Your bullets pull most enemies in a small radius towards them with a pull strength based on their damage.
Blood-Stained Sweater
Damage up! Small heal!
Gain +3 Damage and +1 Health.
Bowling Ball
Line ’em up, n’ knock ’em down.
+8 Charge Time, 2x Charged Shot Damage, x0.3 Charged Shot Speed, infinite Charged Piercing. Turns charged bullets into bowling balls, and triples the collision radius of charged bullets.
Broken Capacitor
Firerate up!
Gain 1.2x Firerate.
Broken Pipe
Damage Up!
Gain +4 Damage.
Bronzium Drill
Damage up! Speed down!
Gain +5 Damage and -10 Speed.
Unlock certain number of items
Bubble Bullets
Homing pops!
Bullets are surrounded by a bubble that pops after a time, and shoots the bullet at the closest enemy.
Shop (Cursed Item)
Bubble Cannon
Damage up! Health down!
Gain +6 Damage, and -1 Max Health.
Bullet Charm
Gain stats for each bullet on screen!
Grants increased Damage, Firerate, Speed, and Bullet Speed for each player bullet on screen, up to x2 for each stat.
Bullet Teleporter
Teleport bullets to your cursor!
All fired bullets are spawned from the mouse cursor instead of the turret barrel.
Burst Laser
Federation staple.
Gain 0.55x Firerate. Bullets are fired in bursts of 3.
Damage up! Bullet Speed down!
Gain +5 Damage and 0.8x Bullet Speed.
Carnage Engine
Speed up! Hitting enemies gives a Damage bonus!
Gain +20 Speed. Gain a fading Damage multiplier that increases every time your bullets hit an enemy, up to x2 Damage.
Castle Crusher
Every 3rd shot fired deals double damage!
Every 3rd time the player fires, the created bullets’ Damage is multiplied by 2x
Cat’s Eye Diamond
Yellow projectiles that get close to the turret give a damage bonus!
Whenever a yellow bullet gets close to the turret, gain a 2x Damage multiplier that decreases with time.
Chain Bullets
+10 Charge Time, +8 Piercing. Whenever a charged bullet hits an enemy, it will rotate towards the nearest enemy and gain a large speed increase.
Cloud Spirit
It’s a terrible day for rain.
Creates a buddy that orbits the edge of the visible area. The buddy fires bullets directly down based on your firerate and bullets per shot.
Coat Hanger
Firerate up!
Gain +20% Firerate.
Speed and Firerate up!
Gain +15 Speed and 1.1x Firerate.
Concentrated Malice
Damage up! Revenge at any cost.
Gain +2 Damage. When hit, every enemy deals damage equal to a percentage of its current HP to itself. This percentage scales with your missing Health and your Damage.
All stats up!
Gain +3 Damage, 1.1x Firerate, +10 Speed, 1.1x Bullet Speed, +1 Health, and +1 Max Health.
Cracked Overcharger
Damage up!
Gain +4 Damage.
Creepy Gunpowder
Killing enemies causes them to explode!
Enemies create an explosion when they die that damages nearby enemies.
Cursed Bullets
Cursed damage aura!
Bullets have an aura around them that deals 5x their Damage each second.
Shop (Cursed Item)
Cursed Chip
Turns your shield into a dark slash that deals damage based on your Damage and Firerate stat, in addition to blocking red bullets.
Shop (Cursed Item)
Cyclical shots!
0.75x Firerate. Every time you shoot, cycle between 4 different shot patterns and bullet speeds.
Dei’s Beam Buddy
Laser friend.
Creates a buddy that shoots infinitely-piercing beams at the closest enemy to itself.
Beat Deimos
Enemies explode into bullets.
Enemies spawn 3 bullets traveling in random directions when they die.
Extra Paperclips.
Gain 120 paperclips for every zone you’ve been to.
Drag Bullets
Firerate up! Bullets have drag.
Bullets gain drag. The faster they move, the faster they slow down. Gain 1.3x Firerate.
Drill Bullets
Piercing up! Bullets increase in damage after they pierce.
Gain +3 Piercing. Bullets gain 1.5x Damage after they hit an enemy, up to 2 times.
Unlock Cursed Items
You missed a tinted rock!
Causes one of the initial enemies in a wave to spawn as “tinted”. Destroying it first gives 10 paperclips for every zone you’ve been to.

All Items (2/4)

Unlock Requirement
Elastic Cables
Bullet damage increases with their bullet speed!
Bullets will gain a Damage multiplier based on their current velocity, up to x2 Damage.
Empty Dragon Egg
Items and pickups acquired increase damage!
Gain +1 Damage whenever an item or pickup is acquired. Includes itself.
Energy Drink
Speed up!
Gain a 1.5x Speed multiplier.
Firerate up! Damage up!
Gain +3 Damage and 1.1x Firerate.
“Faulty” Dreamcatcher
Speed up!
Gain +0.5 Damage, +1% Firerate, +1 Speed, and +1% Bullet Speed for each wave of curse you survive. Comes with an extra long curse.
Shop (Cursed Item)
Fanciful Pants
A flash of light, just a click away.
Gain +25 Speed.
Firework Bullets
Is it getting hot in here?
Your bullets explode into 3 to 5 bullets when they reach where your cursor was when you fired them, each with 0.5x Damage
Shop (Cursed Item)
Fission Reactor
Shoot flaky flasks!
Bullets bounce off the edge of the visible area.
Unlock Cursed Items
Fla(s)k Cannon
All stats up! You feel invigorated.
Shoot 1 to 3 extra bullets in a random spread whenever you fire, each with 0.5x Damage and 0.8x velocity.
Forbidden Gummi
Shield size up!
Gain +8 Damage, 1.5x Firerate, +20 Speed, 1.5x Bullet Speed, +2 Max Health, and a full heal.
Unlock Cursed Items
Force Extender
Shoot an elegant triple shot!
Increases shield size by 20%.
Fountain Bullets
Divide and conquer.
Gain 3x Shots, and the side bullets of your Shot Pattern rotate outwards.
Fractal Bullets
Firerate and Damage up! Slow bullets.
Bullets you fire will split in two, up to 4 times, at 0.77x Damage each split.
Unlock Cursed Items
Friendly Snail
Hop to it!
Gain 1.2x Firerate and +3 Damage, 0.5x Bullet Speed
Unlock certain number of items
Froggy Backpack
Shoot bullet streams!
Bullets will move in bursts instead of continuously, and will target nearby enemies.
Geyser Gun
Gooey planetary protection!
+8 Charge Time. Shoots a stationary geyser which shoots bullets directly up at 0.5x your Firerate.
Gloople Core
Gooey planetary protection!
Creates a region around the planet that makes enemies and enemy bullets move at half speed
Damage up! Speed down!
Gain +5 Damage and -20 Speed.
Unlock certain number of items
Heavy Bullets
What goes up. must come down.
After reaching the edge of the visible area, bullets will fall towards the planet.
Heckfire Bullets
Flaming trails!
Bullets leave behind stationary fire bullets at 0.5x Damage as they travel.
Unlock Cursed Items
Hero’s Bow
Bullet Speed up! Firerate up!
Gain 1.15x Firerate and 1.3x Bullet Speed.
Hot Stuff
Your bullets are breaking apart!
Your bullets create short-lived shrapnel pieces at 0.25x Damage as they travel.
Unlock Cursed Items
Hurricane Generator
Shoot storms of bullets!
+12 Charge Time, 0.4x Charged Shot Speed. Shoots a hurricane that shoots short-lived bullets in a circle at 0.5x your Damage and 2x your Firerate.
Hyperlink Buddy
Redirects bullets.
Gain a buddy that orbits your planet. Shooting a bullet into the buddy will cause it to be fired at the nearest enemy with 3x Shotspeed.
Ironplate Potion
Health up!
Gain +2 Health and +2 Max Health.
Joyous Oil
Lose health but gain power each zone.
When a zone completes, lose 35% of your current health rounded down. For each health point lost, gain +3 Damage and 1.15x Firerate.
Laser Link
Laser chains.
+8 Charge Time, 2x Charged Shots. Creates a laser that goes between your charged bullets that deals 10x their Damage each second.
Lead Heart
Damage and Firerate up! Speed and Health down!
Gain +4 Damage and 1.1x Firerate, and lose -10 Speed and -2 Max Health.
Lerben Cola
Shake it!
Whenever you switch movement direction gain 1.1x Firerate up to 2x. This Firerate decreases with time.
Lightning Bottle
Zappy bullets!
Turns your bullets into lightning bolts that move back and forth as they travel. Each time they change direction they have a 30% chance to create a smaller bolt.
Lightspeed Bullets
Bullet speed way up!
Gain 2x Bullet Speed.
Lightweight Chassis
Speed up! Firerate up! Bullet Speed up! Health down!
Gain 1.1x Firerate, +30 Speed, 1.2x Bullet Speed, and lose -1 Max Health.
Unlock certain number of items
Linked Shield Generator
Brought to you by ShieldCo™.
Gain an additional shield opposite the player.
Lockon Radar
Locked and loaded.
Bullets home in on where your cursor was when you fired them.
Loop Bullets
Bullets loop around the screen!
When your bullets reach the edge of the visible area, they will teleport to the opposite edge and loop around.
Mag Coil
Bullet Speed up! Piercing up!
Gain +1 Piercing and 1.3x Bullet Speed.
Homing bullets!
Your bullets will accelerate towards enemies in a small radius and gain a little drag.
Mark II
Double shot!
Gain 2x Shots with a small spread.
Gentle sword.
Gain a buddy that does contact damage and that has an orbit radius based on your cursor position.
Mediocrity Amulet
Stats increase for every generic item you have!
Gain +1 damage, +2 speed, and +0.5 max health for each generic stat-up item you have.

All Items (3/4)

Unlock Requirement
Fluffy healing!
Gain a orbiting buddy that heals you for 1 hp every 8 waves and attacks nearby enemies with claw attacks.
Mega Blaster
Charge up for extra damage!
Not firing increases your damage, up to 3x.
Higher Combo = Higher Damage!
Gives you a damage multiplier that scales linearly with your combo, capping out at x2 damage at 30 combo.
Unlock Cursed Items
Mine Buddy
Mine your own business.
Creates a buddy that spawns stationary bullets around itself. These bullets home in on nearby enemies and deal 1.5x your Damage.
Firing increases Firerate.
Gain 0.8x Firerate. Gives you a Firerate and inaccuracy multiplier that gets stronger the longer you’re firing, capping out at 3x Firerate and 20 degrees of Inaccuracy.
Unlock Cursed Items
Miracle Beetle
Becomes exactly what you need. Probably.
Transforms into a random stackable non-cursed item every 4 waves. The item will become red in the item list in the pause menu.
Mirror Bullets
Mirrors every bullet!
Whenever a bullet is created, another is made at the edge of the screen opposite from the original, traveling in the opposite direction.
Shop (Cursed Item)
Damage increases with Speed when moving!
Gain +30 speed. Gain a damage buff that increases with how fast your turret is moving, capping out at 2x damage at 200 speed.
Monkey Idol
Curse chance up!
Grants a greatly increased chance for cursed items to spawn.
Mouse Buddy
Follows other mice.
Gain a buddy that follows your mouse cursor and shoots at 0.5x of your Firerate.
Mr. Stabby
He’s got a knife.
Gain a buddy that moves towards and damages nearby enemies. Gets bigger the higher your Damage stat is.
Firerate up! Damage down! Slightly inaccurate.
Gain 1.4x Firerate, 3 degrees of Inaccuracy, and -3 Damage.
Unlock certain number of items
Bloodthirsty sword.
+8 Charge Time. Enemies fire a charged bullet at 3x your Damage at the nearest enemy when they die within 1 second of being hit by a charged bullet.
Shop (Cursed Item)
Neo’s CRT
Defy the ordinary.
Gain a buddy on the opposite side of the planet that mirrors the turret’s movement and firing.
Origami Clover
Enemies drop more paperclips.
Enemies drop 33% more paperclips.
Overcharged Engine
Removes the speed cap. Your Speed increases the longer you move up to 2x. Your Firerate increases the higher your Speed is.
Phase Bullets
Bullets phase through your planet!
Bullets pass through the planet without being destroyed. Gain +1 Piercing.
Pho’s Drone Bay
Your own personal army.
+8 Charge Time, 0.8x Charged Shot Damage, 4x Charged Shot Piercing. Shoots a drone that accelerates towards the nearest enemy with no maximum radius.
Defeat Phobos
Planetoid Slingshot
Shoot planets!
+7 Charge Time, 2x Charge Damage. Shoots a large planet that splits into smaller pieces on hit.
Pong Buddy
Gain a buddy that orbits the edge of the visible area opposite your player. Bullets that hit the buddy will be bounced back.
Power Pylon
Bullet blocking buddy buffer!
Gain a buddy that gives neaby buddies x2 Firerate and x2 Damage, and blocks enemy bullets that collide with it.
Prism Buddy
Look on the bright side.
Gain a buddy that orbits your planet. Shooting a bullet into the buddy will cause it to split into 7 bullets.
Charged penetrating shot!
+8 Charge Time, x4 Charged Bullet Damage, x2 Charged Bullet Speed, infinite Charged Piercing.
Railroad Bullets
Puts your bullets on a rail.
Bullets always face the same direction as your turret barrel when they’re fired.
Rat Buddy
First of all, I’m a rat.
Gain a buddy that moves around the surface of your planet, occasionally stopping to present a cheese. If your turret moves over the cheese you gain a 3.2x Firerate multiplier that wears off over time.
Raw Adamantine
Almost unbreakable.
Grants a 40% chance to negate damage.
Reaper’s Pearl
Damage up! Killing an enemy sometimes heals you.
Gain +10 Damage. Whenever you kill an enemy you have a 1% chance to heal for 1 hp.
Unlock Cursed Items
Bullets that miss have a chance to be re-fired!
Bullets that reach the edge of the visible area have a 33% chance to be fired again instead.
Regeneration Band
Heal every 8 waves.
Heal for 1 HP every 8 waves.
Reinforced Core
Invincibility time up!
Increases your invincibility time after getting hit by 2 seconds.
Remote Control
Bullets follow your cursor!
Bullets accelerate towards your mouse cursor, scaling their velocity based on your Bullet Speed.
Unlock Cursed Items
Robo Buddy
Gain a buddy that orbits your planet and fires at your mouse cursor whenever you shoot at 0.5x of your Firerate.
Gain 0.8x Firerate and 0.5x Bullet Speed. Turns your bullets into rockets that explode on contact with enemies, dealing splash damage equal to their damage.
Unlock Cursed Items
Roof Tiles
Max Health up!
Gain +3 Max Health as empty HP containers.
Unlock certain number of items
Rubber Band Ball
Bouncy bullets!
Gain +1 Piercing. Bullets bounce off of enemies and the planet’s surface. Bullets can bounce a number of times equal to your Piercing.
Rusty Engine
Speed up!
Gain +25 Speed.
Make your last stand.
+12 Charge Time, x8 Charged Bullets. Fires a burst of 8 charged bullets in a random spread.
Scrap Plating
Health up!
Gain +2 Max Health.

All Items (4/4)

Unlock Requirement
Seed Pod
Your planet erupts with seeds!
+8 Charge Time. Fires 5 charged bullets in a circle out of your planet.
Sharp Dart
Piercing up!
Gain +2 Piercing.
Sharp’s Turrets
Extra turrets that shoot straight up!
Gain two buddies that follow your turret and shoot directly up at 0.5x of your Damage.
Firerate up! Health down!
Lose -1 Max Health, gain 1.3x Firerate.
Unlock certain number of items
Shield Bullets
Missile command!
Your bullets can collide with enemy red bullets to block them like your shield.
Shield Projector
Defense at a distance!
Turns your shield into a thin line that points towards your mouse cursor
Shielder Buddy
Protective friend!
Gain a buddy that moves around the surface of your planet, and moves to block the closest red bullet.
Singularity Generator
Your cursor sucks in enemies!
Enemies are pulled towards your mouse cursor.
Bullets increase in damage as they fly. Bullet Speed down.
Gain 0.6x Bullet Speed. Your bullets increase in damage the longer they exist, up to 2x damage.
Shop (Cursed Item)
Spear Bullets
Loooooooong bullets.
Makes your bullets 4x longer.
Speedy Line
Speed up! Piercing up!
Gain +1 Piercing and +15 Speed.
Spicy Cheezo Sushi
Damage up, and a (nasty tasting) full heal!
Gain +3 Damage and a full heal.
Unlock certain number of items
Spiral Bullets
Charged shot that makes you dizzy!
+6 Charge Time. Charged bullets spiral out from the planet.
Split Bullets
Bullets split in two after impact.
Bullets spawn 2 extra bullets when colliding with enemies.
Shop (Cursed Item)
Spray Paint
Firerate up! Bullet Speed down!
Gain 1.3x Firerate and 0.8x Bullet Speed.
A veritable barrage!
Gain 0.7x Firerate and 5x Shots in a spread pattern.
Unlock Cursed Items
Strongman’s Dumbbell
Damage increases with max health!
Gain +1 damage for each point of HP you have above 1.
Stumpy’s Ukulele
Unicorn charmer.
Gain +1 Piercing. Replaces your bullets with a music note that waves back and forth as it travels.
Super Firework Bullets
The grand finale.
+10 Charge Time, 0.5x Charged Bullet Speed. Turns your charged bullets into large fireworks that explode into a circle of 8 to 12 bullets.
Bullets stick to enemies!
Your bullets will stop and attach themselves to enemies when they collide.
Tank Plating
Health up! Speed down!
Gain +3 Max Health, lose -20 speed.
Tesla Coil
Electric arcs!
Lines of electricity arc between your bullets, dealing damage to everything in their path.
Tidal Wave
Summon a wave of bullets!
Moving shoots extra bullets directly up. More movement speed creates more bullets.
Triple shot!
Gain 3x Shots with a large spread.
Unlock Cursed Items
Turret Buddy
Your new best friend.
Gain a buddy that orbits your planet and shoots the closest enemies at 0.33x of your Firerate.
Turret Bullets
+9 Charge Time, 0.55x Charged Bullet Speed. Turns your charged bullets into turrets that shoot at the closest enemies at 0.33x of your Firerate.
Tyrant’s Crown
Bullets follow the leader!
+3 Charge Time, 0.5x Charged Bullet Speed. All your normal bullets will accelerate towards the last charged bullet you fired.
Ultra Octagon
Speed up!
Gain +30 Speed.
Unlock certain number of items
Uncommon Sweet
All stats up!
Gain +2 Max Health, +2 Health, +10 Speed, +3 Damage, 1.2x Bullet Speed, and 1.3x Firerate.
Unstable Power Core
Living on the edge.
Gain +10 Damage, +40 speed, +1 Piercing, 1.5x Bullet Speed, and 1.5x Firerate. Maximum HP is set to 1.
Violet’s Petals
Impenetrable flower power.
Replaces your shield with a flower bud that can block all yellow attacks.
Defeat Violet (Cursed Item)
VIP Card
The shopkeeper will show you more of his wares!
Spawns 2 extra pedestals at each shop.
Viridian Inverter
All about gravity and Vs.
Teleporting causes your bullets to reverse direction.
Voodoo Doll
Damage up! Who do you voodoo?
Gain +5 Damage. Whenever your bullets hit an enemy, nearby enemies of the same type take damage.
Shop (Cursed Item)
Whole Milk
Damage way up! Firerate way down!
Gain x3 Damage, +5 Piercing, 0.5x Firerate, and 0.7x Bullet Speed.
Wildfire’s Can of Totally Legal Flammables
This is a bad idea.
+9 Charge Time. Charged bullets have an aura around them that deals 10x their Damage each second.
Defeat Wildfire
Wizard Staff
Firerate up! Wild magic.
Gain 1.2x Firerate and 4 degrees of Inaccuracy. Your bullets have randomized velocity and Damage.
Wormy Wormson
Worm bullets!
+7 Charge Time. Shoots a line of 7 charged bullets that follow each other.
Shop (Cursed Item)
XL Ammo Box
Firerate up! Speed down!
Gain 1.3x Firerate and -15 Speed.
Yellow Gem
Reaver slayer.
Gain a buddy that orbits your planet and shoots homing bullets at 0.33x of your Damage at nearby enemies.
Zenith’s Spare Hat
It radiates with cosmic power.
Whenever one of your bullets hits an enemy, a star bullet with 0.5x Damage is summoned from off-screen to hit it again.
Defeat Zenith

Thanks to Altivu for his excellent guide; all credits belong to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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