Outside The Box: Walkthrough & Achievement 100%

Here is a full walkthrough with all achievements in Outside The Box.


Outside The Box Walkthrough


  • Easy Mode (Puzzle): Enabled
  • Fast CutAways: Enabled


  • Start

Hold SPACEBAR to skip dialogue.

  • Inspect Gym Back x4 (right click) ← get XL Condoms, Key to my appartment
  • Forward x1 (arrow on the right)
  • Search the Secret Spot.

Not Your First Pixel Hunt, Eh? Found the secret spot.

  • Forward x3
  • Click Home door.
  • Drag key to my appartment to Home door.
  • Click Home.
  • Watch the scenes, then click Home again.
  • Go to Kitchen.
  • Pick up Towel (right from TV).
  • Go back to Living Room.
  • Go to Bathroom.
  • Click on Shower Head → Shower Door.
  • Return to Living Room (left side).
  • Talk to Tracy.
  • Re-enter Bathroom.
  • Click on Faucet.
  • Pick up Shampoo next to toilet.
  • Combine Earbuds with Cellphone.
  • Use Cellphone with Eearbuds on Milo (your character).
  • Solve the lights out puzzle. From starting position, click on cells 2, 4, 6, and 8.

“Free” Apps Got rid of the pop-ups.

Long Showers 101. Take a shower.

  • Click on Shower Head and Faucet.
  • Go to Living Room.
  • Click on Hallway door.

Tech Support. Meet otter guy.

  • Go to Bedroom.
  • Search Under Bed.

Size…King? Found Tracy’s stash

  • Pick up the Ruler from the desk chair.
  • Use Ruler on Bottom Drawer.
  • Search Top Drawer.

Master of Unlocking Got Laptop.

  • Exit to Living Room (right side).

Bad Touch! Get Got.

  • Watch the scenes, then go to Kitchen.
  • Click on Fridge and solve the puzzle:
    • Upper CARROTS x3
    • ICE x1
    • Lower MEAT x2
    • AYYR x2
    • PEAS x3
    • SAUSAGES x1
    • AYYR x2
    • Lower MEAT x3
    • ICE x1
    • Left CARROTS x3
    • AYYR x3
    • Right CARROTS x1
    • Top MEAT x3
    • Right CARROTS x3
    • AYYR x3
    • Left CARROTS x3
    • ICE x1
    • Left MEAT x4
    • ICE x1
    • Left CARROTS x3
    • AYYR x3
    • SAUSAGES x3
    • Right CARROTS x3
    • PEAS x2
    • ICE x3

Puzzle Master Solve fridge and phone puzzle.

  • Click on Kitchen Rag.
  • Combine Ice Pack with Tea Towel.
  • Use Ice Pack & Towel on Adrian.

Cooling Down. Icepack for Adrian.

  • Go to Living Room → Bathroom.
  • Pick up Cellphone.
  • Exit to Living Room.
  • Go to Kitchen.
  • Drag Cellphone to Outlet.
  • Go to Living Room.
  • Click on Sofa and watch the scenes.

The Otter guy Get railed by Adrian.

  • Talk to Adrian.
  • Pick up Otter’s Hat from couch.
  • Go to Bathroom and watch the scenes.

Call me Maybe Call Adrian.

What a day! Finished the game.

Thanks to Pri and lylat for their great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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