OUTRIDERS: Technomancer Guide for Beginners

This guide covers the difference between technomancer and the other classes, and covers the essentials of gearing, skill selection, class point spending, and basic tactics for solo and group play up until the end of the main storyline.   Choosing to technomancer The first step in being a successful technomancer is to choose it. While … Read more

OUTRIDERS: Status Effects Guide

A simple guide about Status effects and what they do.   Overview Status Effects are debuffs that are applied to you or your enemies. Some mobs/bosses are resistant some status effects. There are three types of Status Effects: Crowd Control (CC) Crowd-control status effects hinder enemy movement and attacks.Duration of some effects can be scaled … Read more

OUTRIDERS: How to Disable Startup Movie or Intro

Here is a simple tutorial on how to disable startup movie/intro. hope this tutorial will help you. if it does not work for you. please let me know.   How to Disable Startup Movie & Intro? Disable startup movie by renaming or deleting Steam\steamapps\common\OUTRIDERS\Madness\Content\Movies\splash_screens.umovie To open the Outriders folder quickly, right click it in your Library, … Read more