Outcast – A New Beginning: All Doaka Locations

With 25 Daokas scattered across the game, each serves as a crucial node for navigation and exploration. This guide is dedicated to helping you locate every Daoka, enhancing your journey through the game by eliminating the immersion-breaking loading screens with a more seamless experience.

Spoiler Alert!!!


All 25 Daokas Located

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Finding every Daoka is an adventure in itself, offering unique vantage points and strategic advantages in your exploration. Here’s where you can find each one:

  1. Narath Shore
  2. Peaks of Ran
  3. Prokriana
  4. Palana
  5. Hills of Ikkran
  6. Nesoar Coast
  7. Foe Temple
  8. Desan
  9. Desan Valley
  10. Prokriana Falls
  11. Katsa Path
  12. Heights of Adoran
  13. Plains of Sanon
  14. Eluee Temple
  15. Bidaa
  16. Kizoor
  17. Soar Pillars
  18. Gandha Temple
  19. Emeo
  20. Riss Field
  21. Droon Cliffs
  22. Sappa
  23. Ko Temple
  24. Oroth Shore
  25. Sodoth Shore

Note: If there is any mistake in the list, please leave a comment to let me know.



That’s the guide on unlocking all 25 Daokas in Outcast – A New Beginning. Here’s to your adventures across the lands, may they be filled with discovery, excitement, and the magic of seamless exploration.

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