Origin of Six Paths Codes (July 2023): Free Rewards

Embark on an epic journey into the Origin of Six Paths world, where ancient secrets, strategic conquests, and unparalleled power await. In this captivating mobile game, players are invited to dive deep into the rich lore of the Six Realms, uncover long-lost secrets, and unleash their full potential as they navigate through thrilling battles. To enhance your gaming experience, we have compiled a list of working gift codes that will grant you valuable rewards. Join us as we explore Origin of Six Paths’s codes, gameplay, and strategies!

All codes work in the latest version 1.0.0

Origin of Six Paths Gift Codes

This section will provide you with a comprehensive list of the working gift codes for the game, enabling you to claim exciting rewards. We will also briefly discuss expired codes and provide some tips for redeeming the codes successfully.

What’re the Rewards?

Working Gift Codes:

  • Free Rewards – KAGE999
  • Free Rewards – NARUTOGG11
  • Free Rewards – NARUTOGG22
  • Free Rewards – NARUTOGG33
  • Free Rewards – NARUTOGG44
  • Free Rewards – CHAKRA77
  • Free Rewards – hy520
  • Free Rewards – Ninja666
  • Free Rewards – naruto8888
  • Free Rewards – VIP999
  • Free Rewards – VIP888
  • Free Rewards – VIP666

Note: Keep an eye out for new gift codes, as developers often release them during special events or promotions. Stay engaged with the page for updates on the latest codes and exclusive rewards.

Expired Gift Codes:

  • No Codes Yet

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How to Redeem Gift Codes

Follow our step-by-step tutorial to redeem the gift codes in-game easily.

Step 1: Access the Avatar Menu

Step 2: Navigate to the System Settings

Step 3: Find the Pack Exchange

Step 4: Enter the Gift Code

Step 5: Confirm and Enjoy

Congratulations! You have successfully redeemed a gift code in the game. Enjoy your rewards and maximize your gaming experience in the Six Realms!


Origin of Six Paths invites players to immerse themselves in an epic adventure where the secrets of the ancient world await their discovery. With working gift codes at your disposal, you can unlock valuable rewards and strengthen your journey through the Six Realms. Stay tuned for more updates as the game continues to captivate players with its strategic conquests, powerful techniques, and the bonds formed along the way. Unleash your potential and conquer the Six Realms in Origin of Six Paths!

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