One Step From Eden: 100% Achievements Guide

Most of the achievements in One Step From Eden are pretty straightforward, but if you are having any trouble getting some of them, this guide may provide you with some insight. The achievements will be listed out in order from “easiest” to “hardest” in the sense of sorting by % of all players that have … Read more

One Step From Eden: How to Install Mods

Having trouble with installing mods? Never used the Steam Workshop before? Then this visual guide’s for you!   Adding Mods from the Steam Workshop To be able to use Steam Workshop mods, you must first subscribe to the mod you like on the respective Steam Workshop page. Steam will automatically download it for you the next time … Read more

One Step From Eden: How to Unlock Costumes

One Step From Eden is a wonderful roguelike that revives a much-beloved combat system that hasn’t been seen since the Mega Man Battle Network games.  Here is a guide on how to unlock costumes. hope this guide will help you.   How to Unlock Costumes Reaching the credits with a certain character will unlock their … Read more