Not Another Weekend: Full Walkthrough

This guide is a complete walkthrough of the game, so it does include some minor spoilers if you read too far ahead.

This game is overall fairly logical, I was able to complete it with no guides or hints without too much issue, but there are a few tricky puzzles or places where it is possible to get stuck. I encourage you to try to figure these puzzles out on your own first.

This game is set in one location for the entire game, but it changes frequently. Guests move around the hotel, some rooms will be closed off or opened up at different points in the story, and frequently new items will show up in places you’ve previously been. Pay attention when exploring because you might see something now that you end up needing later. It’s a good move if you are stuck to go exploring to see if you can find any new item or inspiration to strike you.

This game includes 37 Steam achievements. By my count, 27 of them will come naturally as a part of the story, and the remaining 10 are optional.

I’ve included how to get 8 of them in this guide, but I am still missing 2 of them myself, (Wait. Did I just see a Serial Killer over there? and Above and Beyond the Call of Duty). As I find them, I will update the guide (or, drop a comment, and I will update the guide with credit!).

Prologue: Welcome to Hotel 404

The Beginning

Click your outfit and get dressed! Take tip jar and clothes hanger.

Out in the hall, meet your boss. He wants you to take a package to room 13, which is on the third floor. Unfortunately, the elevators are off-limits, so head up the stairs.

As a side note, you will be seeing some lovely pastel art in the hallways and in some of the hotel rooms you visit. Make sure to examine all of them, as this will lead to the Art Connoisseur achievement. You will have plenty of opportunity to work on this throughout the game.

After dropping off the package to the shadowy recluse, head left. Your beeper goes off, so follow orders and visit the kitchen.

Jack wants some wine from the basement, so go downstairs to get some. While you are here, use your tip jar to collect the spider. Then collect the wine from the rack, for a short scene. Something nefarious is afoot – YOU!

Our ultimate goal is going to be to clear the hotel of all employees and guests before the weekend is done.

Back upstairs, deliver the wine to Jack the chef. After another beeper call, see a scene at reception.

Getting some info

We need the notebook behind Ms. Swartz.

Laundry room – take bleach. The poster on the wall gives us a pretty blatant hint of where this is going.

Floor 1 hallway – Try to use the bleach with the ammonia in the maid cart. Fritz the guard stops us. We need to distract him. Talk to him until he mentions sunscreen oil.

Kitchen – Ask Jack for some oil, and he gives it to you.

Floor 1 hallway – Give the sunscreen oil to Fritz, and then use the bleach on the supply cart.

Reception desk – Take guest info.

Saturday Morning


Johnny Cocktail – Ritz Bugannan – Gia Donna – Steven Prince – ?????? – Doug and Tulip Michaels – Point and Click Jefferson – The Funnie Family – Ginger Hot – Jake Bigson – Shao Lee – Robotronicz – Eddie Mason – Terry Slogan – Westy Jones – Sasa Donnor – Jack Pelican – Bernie Boss – Miss Swartz – Bob Spanker

Chapter Starts

Your beeper goes off, so head to off to Ginger Hot in room 7. From now on, you have the power to fast-travel between floors. Your map of the hotel will also track the people we’ve gotten rid of, and any information we have that can help eliminate them.

In Ginger’s room, take the nail polish remover and then use the coat hanger on the clogged sink for some string panties. Note the suspicious portrait.

Out in the hall, meet Doug Michaels. He asks you to take an envelope downstairs. Take this to the front desk for a receipt. Return the receipt to Doug in room, and you will get a coin and a business card in return.

Steven, Westy, and Gia

Rooftop – We can meet a few patrons here. The dining station is locked, but the bartender has some prime info for us. We can make headway on Steven Prince by cutting his water and his power.

3FL – We have access to Gia’s room, which we can sabotage. The other two rooms are locked.

2FL – You can introduce yourself to Point and Click Jefferson, who are inventors that can fix anything.

1FL – Go to room 1 and meet Westy. He will leave if he can get his dusty old map cleaned. Speak to Sasa, who is currently cleaning room 4. She gives you a key to the locked storage room on this floor. Enter, and get a broken vacuum and a water spray bottle. If you’d like, you can also meet Shao Lee, a stereotypical monk, meditating in his room. There is nothing of interest in Slogan’s room, but feel free to check it out.

GFL – There is some chili powder in the kitchen. Ms. Swartz has some anti-rust spray for some reason, but she won’t let you take it. Use your nail polish on your water-spray bottle to make a replica, and then swap them out.

Basement – Meet Bob, the local conspiracy theorist. Explore his room and take his lubricant. We are also going to eventually have to do something about that rat. We need to cut Steven’s power and water, so while you are here, use your COIN to open the fusebox and the water supply. We can’t clamp the water supply yet, but you can use the panties to help pull the fuse. This is Steven’s first bit, and we will have to finish him off later.

Return to Point and Click, and give them the vacuum. To fix it, they need three things: A fuse, which we already have from the basement, anti-rust, which we already have from the front desk, and lubricant, which we have from Bob’s room. Bring the fixed vacuum to Westy, and he leaves for good!

Now, for Gia. In her room, take one of the teddy bears, and take the candles. Dump the chili powder into her facial cremes, and drop the spider into her clean towels. Shove the teddy into the toilet to clog it. Report the blockage to Bob, and while he’s out, soak the candles in his stinky basin. When you place the sabotaged candles back in her bathroom, the chapter ends.

Saturday Noon


Johnny Cocktail – Ritz Bugannan – Gia Donna – Steven Prince – ?????? – Doug and Tulip Michaels – Point and Click Jefferson – The Funnie Family – Ginger Hot – Jake Bigson – Shao Lee – Robotronicz – Eddie Mason – Terry Slogan – Westy Jones – Sasa Donnor – Jack Pelican – Bernie Boss – Miss Swartz – Bob Spanker – Basement Mouse

Jake Bigson

Jake does not like noise and distractions. This is our “in” to “outing” him!

At reception, you will get a key for opening the rooftop catering service. On 2FL, you will notice that someone has vandalized the hotel, as well.

Rooftop – hardened gum has been stuffed in the keyhole. Check out the new guests, and grab a jazz tape from the stage.

Basement – Bob has bang snaps that will be handy. He also has some thoughts on the hotel’s state of culinary affairs.

GFL – There’s some new dialogue in the kitchen, and things look a bit different. Give the Jazz tape to Ms. Swartz. Then, enter your room for an encounter with Tulip Michaels. Take her lighter.

1FL hallway – Encounter Fud Funnie and listen to what he has to say. We need to prove he is the vandal. Also, show him Ginger’s panties for an achievement: STRING THEORY. In Westy’s room, there’s an irate monkey that has been left behind.

2FL – Enter room 8. Remove the gum at the far right of the room, and see the peephole. Return to Fud and talk to him until he runs off. Then, enter room 7, and poke his eye out. Confront him, and he will clean the hotel.

Roof – use the lighter on the gummed up keyhole and it will become unstuck. Take the tape. Then, use the machine to order all of the food. Fud is here now; speak to him. Then, talk to the bartender, and then Fud again. You should get a game cartridge.

2FL – Use the tape on the elevator button. Enter Bigson’s room after he leaves, and use his blowdryer on the cartridge.

Roof – Give the game to Fud, and then push the cart to test VIP’s reflexes. We get beeped to the kitchen.

Kitchen – Jack is having a panic attack. Use the radio to calm him down, and then ask him about the gritty cop show. Open the fridge and note the broken clock. Then, check the order sheet.

Roof – Tune into the gritty cop show, and Bigson goes back to his room. Use the machine to order a Banana Split with sprouts. Talk with Fud once again to begin operation: Prank Call.

GFL – Enter the kitchen – it isn’t pretty. Then, stop by the desk. The chef has left! We need a new one.

Basement – talk to Bob to promote him, and he gives you the poppers.

Room 6 – Use the poppers to push Bigson over the edge!

Saturday Afternoon


Johnny Cocktail – Ritz Bugannan – Gia Donna – Steven Prince – Jean Bam – Doug and Tulip Michaels – Point and Click Jefferson – The Funnie Family – Ginger Hot – Jake Bigson – Shao Lee – Robotronicz – Eddie Mason – Terry Slogan – Westy Jones – Sasa Donnor – Jack Pelican – Bernie Boss – Miss Swartz – Bob Spanker – Basement Mouse

Gia, Robotronicz, and Jean

Gia’s room – Speak to her. Oddly, we have to help her get her career back. Give her your business card. You are also going to have to talk to her about music; if she does not mention it now, come back in a bit.

Roof – There’s some new characters to meet and everyone has something to say. Tulip can help you with the contract in exchange for “favors” later.

Room 4 – Speak with the group to learn about their injuries. They tell you how they got hit by the cart. They need to get their unity again. There’s an optional achievement LOOK! IT’S ROGUE CART here that’s kind of tricky. To earn it, retrace their steps:

  • Warp to the roof
  • Take the stairs down to floor 3 and press the elevator button
  • Warp to G and press the button
  • Warp to 2 and press the button
  • Warp to 3 and press the button
  • Take the stairs to 1

Room 5 – Speak to Shao. He will help the group regain unity, but needs something to visualize this.

Kitchen – Have a chat with Bob, then grab the ingredients from the cabinet and hand them over.

Room 7 – Check out Ginger’s toybox and speak to her. You will get a transformer toy.

Room 5 – Back to Shao, hand him the toy. You get a branch. Your new task is to solve a riddle: Let Soil rest on Metal Face and then plant the Wood. Place it under continuous Water and then Fire shall bring unity”.

3FL – Grab the food tray that is now outside of room 13.

Roof – If you have talked to Gia about music, you can ask the bartender about Jean Bam and his films (and their soundtracks).

Kitchen – Bob is a film fan. Learn about “Kickfighter”. He has a stash somewhere. Fortunately, his room is now unlocked.

Basement – Examine his room until you are allowed to take the “Toilet Brush”, which turns out to be a handle that hides a key. Unlock the room next-door, which turns out to be Bob’s stash, and copy the soundtrack. (it’s there, click around until it’s copied). While you are here, scrape some dirt from the boots with the tray.

Your room – Put the dirt on the tray and then the twig in the dirt. Stick this under the dripping faucet.

Shao’s Room – Give him the wet stick on the tray, and then light it on fire with the lighter, for a cutscene.


Tulip beeps you, so go to her room. She has a devious plan! Take the clamp from the nearby table lamp. Combine the clamp with the handle, and then tie it together with the panties.

Saturday Night


Johnny Cocktail – Ritz Bugannan – Gia Donna – Steven Prince – Jean Bam – Doug and Tulip Michaels – Point and Click Jefferson – The Funnie Family – Ginger Hot – Jake Bigson – Shao Lee – Robotronicz – Eddie Mason – Terry Slogan – Westy Jones – Sasa Donnor – Jack Pelican – Bernie Boss – Miss Swartz – Bob Spanker – Basement Mouse

Eddie Mason

Kitchen – Bob dumps a moldy cheese and a frozen meatloaf on you, and we won’t be able to make progress until we get rid of them. While you are here, grab a fridge magnet and a banana.

Basement – Dump the moldy cheese down the sewer grate. While you are here, also use the grappling hook on the open water lines to cut off Prince’s water supply. (use the coin to open it if it is still closed).

Roof – This puzzle killed me when I finally solved it. I looked everywhere for a heat source to thaw the meatloaf, but not even the blowdryer from earlier was the solution. When finally it hit me: We need something to break the ice. Use the frozen meatloaf on the chatty couple.

 – give Bob the meatloaf. You get dinner for the man in room 3. You leave the room during this sequence, a fact that becomes important later.

Room 3 – Enter to meet Mr. Mason. He’s not too chatty, but note the cocktail umbrellas.

Roof – Ask the bartender about Mr. Mason. \

 – Ask Bob about Serial Killers. We are going to help this man achieve his dream.

Room 11 – Collect the machete. Also, check out the salad here for a Steam achievement: BRAVE SOUL.

Roof – Talk to Nelly Funnie, and she agrees to design a costume for you if you can help her with her little crush. Also speak to Slogan – he wants to appear strong, and then to Ritz – he wants Slogan’s secret stash of pills.

Room 2
 – Try to move the dumbbell in front of the closet, but it’s too heavy.

Roof – Speak to Slogan for a brief scene.

Room 2 – Raid the stash for some steroidserectile pills, and sleeping pills.

Room 1 – Insert the sleeping pill into the banana and hand it to the monkey. Snag the creepy mask.

Roof – Give Fritz the male enhancement pills for a quick scene! That’s another person down.

Point and Click

You get beeped to room 9 to assist these two gentlemen, so head over there. They would like you to find a robot.

You already know who this is, what with the red glowing eyes, rust spray, and obvious terminator parodies.

Visit reception, and put the fridge magnet on Ms. Swartz. Then, return to the storage closet and talk to the guys, and then back to Ms. Swartz.

The Michaels Couple

Another beeper, so head over to visit the Michaels couple, which kicks off a time-skip sequence.

In the first scene, knock on the door and speak to Mr. Michaels, and then leave. In the second and third scenes, do the same.

In the rooftop scene, grab the tape from the side of the pool and the torn poster by the stairs. Combine the tape with the recorder. Get some champagne from the bar and hand it to the couple. Stabilize the table with the poster and slip the recorder underneath.

In the storage scene, grab all of the items in sight, starting with the Christmas star. After you pick up a few of them, it will trigger a scene automatically. That’s it for this couple!

Sunday Morning


Johnny Cocktail – Ritz Bugannan – Gia Donna – Steven Prince – Jean Bam – Doug and Tulip Michaels – Point and Click Jefferson – The Funnie Family – Ginger Hot – Jake Bigson – Shao Lee – Robotronicz – Eddie Mason – Terry Slogan – Westy Jones – Sasa Donnor – Jack Pelican – Bernie Boss – Miss Swartz (inexplicably returned) – Bob Spanker – Basement Mouse – Detective Verbin

Detective Verbin

Detective Verbin is new in town, and he will run you ragged on Sunday Morning.

Roof – The pool is still a mess. Ritz wants a scoop to clean it out.

GFL – The laundry room has a mop for you to take. it will split out into a handle and a mop head. There’s also some snazzy undies, but Sasa won’t let you have them. Also, have a chat with Ms. Swartz at reception, because she seems normal.

Basement – Have a look at the phone lines and phone box, if you haven’t done so already, but they are all locked up. At some point, you will be paged.

2Fl Elevator – Speak to the detective and push the button for him. The next time you go anywhere, another page comes in.

Kitchen – Talk to Verbin and tell him Bob likes conspiracies. Grab the octopus and the frying basket. The next time you go anywhere, another page.

Roof – The detective wants to be the bartender’s equal. While you are here, combine the mop handle and the basket for a pool scoop and hand this to Ritz.

Storage Closet – Take the Urn and the RC car. Put the coin into the machine, and then take the cords and the joystick.

Roof – Give Verbin the urn, which somewhat resembles a cocktail shaker. Grab the stirrer. The next time you move, another page.

Room 1 – Verbin wants to look like a jungle man to connect with the monkey.

Laundry Room – Connect the stirrer to the RC car, combine with the joystick, and use it to snag the cheeta-print undies.

Room 1 – Give verbin the undies and the mop head.

Basement – Use the octopus on the numpad near the phone lines. Attach the power cords. The octopus is missing an arm, though, and we need a replacement. I suppose this technically makes Sunday this game’s day of the tentacle.

The Funnies

Time for a strange sequence.

You are paged to go to room 11, which is where this family now resides. When you enter, you will be treated to a sitcom-like situation. Wear the dog suit which hangs at the entrance.

Spill the soda on the table, and then take the magazine and give it to Mom. Then, take the sex shop brochure, and give it to Nelly. Next, take the nail polish and use it on the remote.

After that, talk to Fud and get his ball. Dip the ball into the cooking oil, and then give the ball back to Fud. A scene plays, and then you can grab the wallet and give it to Mom.

The Funnies leave, and as a bonus, so does Ritz!

Late Morning

You are paged to the pool, but before going, grab the condoms and the vibrator from the floor. You can also make an optional pit stop in room 7; show Ginger the vibrator for the KINKY achievement.

Pool – Give Verbin the condoms as a personal flotation device.

Basement – Give the octopus the vibrator to use as an extra arm.

After a scene, speak to Ms. Swartz. Selecting options 1, 2, or 4 will joke-crash the game and give the I DID DESTROY THE SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM achievement. Selecting option 3 progresses the game.

Sunday Noon


Johnny Cocktail – Ritz Bugannan – Gia Donna – Steven Prince – Jean Bam – Doug and Tulip Michaels – Point and Click Jefferson – The Funnie Family – Ginger Hot – Jake Bigson – Shao Lee – Robotronicz – Eddie Mason – Terry Slogan – Westy Jones – Sasa Donnor – Jack Pelican – Bernie Boss – Miss Swartz (inexplicably returned) – Bob Spanker – Basement Mouse – Detective Verbin

Shao Lee and Ginger Hot

Room 8 – The boss has asked us to figure out who the detective suspects. If you visit room 8, he is talking to himself about the case, and we can eventually eavesdrop.

Kitchen – Take the clean glass. Also, chat with Bob. After a short scene, Bob leaves – but we have a new problem to take care of!

Laundry – Take the shampoo from the shelf and the anonymous love letter from the dress.

Room 5
 – Speak to Shao and ask about his book.

Room 7 – Speak to Ginger about her book as well.

Room 5 – Shao will let you borrow his book, but only after you bring him third-eyedrops. He gives us a stone that may look familiar.

Room 1 – In Westy’s bathroom, add the stone to the collection and read the associated poem. Get pins and insert them into the pictures, from left to right, in the order: Black, Yellow, White, Blue. Finally, take the third-eyedrops.

Room 5 – Give Shao the eyedrops in exchange for his book.

Room 7 – Give Ginger the calming shampoo, and swap the books while she’s gone.

Room 5 – Give Shao the altered book.

The Love Triangle

Room 8 – Use the empty glass on the door to eavesdrop. We need to plant false evidence to frame the boss as the criminal.

Room 12 – Place the love letter from the laundry room into the pile of stuffed bears.

Room 6 – Place Gia’s memento into Bigson’s pants pocket.

1FL Hallway – Meet the boss and speak to him about everything. Eventually, you can snag his cigar.

Room 6 – Place the boss’ cigar in Bigson’s ashtray. An extended scene will play.


Prince is afraid of aliens, so we will have to use some extraterrestrials to scare him out.

Room 9 – examine Point and Click’s plans on the wall. You will get an alien-calling machine. In order to work it, we need a transmitter as well as something exciting to transmit.

Room 8 – The detective is out, so take his walkie talkie and his amphetamine pills.

Room 7 – Take Ginger’s adult film from the VCR.

Room 9 – Use the walkie talkie and the adult film to complete the alien transmission device, and then use it on the door of Room 13.

Terry Slogan

Room 2 – Speak to Terry; he is kind of down, and he wants a partner.

Basement – Enter Bob’s video room, and the mutant mouse is here. The mouse will agree to being Terry’s sparring partner if he has a half-decent script.

There is also an optional achievement here, WHAT A WASTE OF TIME, for using the joystick on the television.

Room 13 – Grab a script from prince’s stack of books, and retun this to the mutant mouse for a scene.


Your fast-travel function has now been disabled.

Manually head down to reception, and plant your evil plans on your boss, who is arguing with the detective.

Sunday Afternoon


Johnny Cocktail – Ritz Bugannan – Gia Donna – Steven Prince – Jean Bam – Doug and Tulip Michaels – Point and Click Jefferson – The Funnie Family – Ginger Hot – Jake Bigson – Shao Lee – Robotronicz – Eddie Mason – Terry Slogan – Westy Jones – Sasa Donnor – Jack Pelican – Bernie Boss – Miss Swartz (inexplicably returned) – Bob Spanker – Mutated Basement Mouse – Detective Verbin

Boss’ Office

At the top of the chapter, Johnny Cocktail walks away due to there being no guests to serve, and the hotel is officially empty! The game’s not done yet, though.

After a scene, we get a key to the boss’ office.

Fill the empty glass at the faucet, and look around. There is a puzzle associated with the lighthouse and the plaque beneath it.

Use your lighter on the painting, then jump and bang it twice, and then toss a glass of water on it. This reveals a code.

Visit the elevator, use the key to unlock the small panel, and hook up the joystick.

Spooky Realms

We are now in a weirdo alternate dimension.

Try room 3; it is locked. Enter room 2. Have a look around, and then move the heavy curtains and take the rope and tassel that fall. Also grab the glass from the clock.

Next, visit room 1, and speak to the creature here. We are given a riddle. Of course, something that we see in water that never gets wet is a reflection.

There’s a minor timing puzzle here; wait until the inkpot is emptied and then use the tassel in the inkwell. Paint the glass black, and hand this to the creature.

With the creature gone, take the bottle, a hook, and the fish. Fill the bottle with water from the fishbowl, and burn the rope into two rope halves with the open flame.

We get another riddle. Something that is odd but is even after removing a letter is the number seven.

In room 2, attach the filled bottle to the pendulum and tie it with a rope. Set the clock to 7. Place the hook in the right hole, and tie the left half of the curtain with the other rope. Place the fish in the fishbowl. Take the key.

Unlock room 3 for a scene.

Sunday Night

Final Chapter Begins/h1]

After a scene, we get a bottle of blood. For an achievement, WRONG ENTRY, try to dump the blood out in the nearest toilet. When you are ready to proceed, dump the blood in the funnel near the water supply.

Go upstairs and enter the boss’ office again, it is glowing red.

Boss’ Office

Try to grab the glowing symbols on the wall, but they are stuck. Take the flyer and leave.

Oh no! Mason is still around. We have to get rid of one last person.

Take the broken glass and cut out something behind the wallpaper. Get a school photo and a small key. Unlock the cupboard for salt, a postcard, and a hardcover notebook.

To convince Mason to leave, cut the school photo with the broken glass. Place the teen photo cutout over the picture of the lake, and then combine this with the hotdog flyer to make a fake summer camp brochure. To make it convincing, make a black and white copy in the copier.

Slide the doctored flyer under the door, and then whack the machete with the notebook.

REENTER THE OFFICE and grab the totems. There is also one more item we need; the bartender’s book of wisdom, which he left behind on the roof, so go grab that.

The Hotelnomicon

This is a kind of tricky puzzle and it’s annoying to trial+error. Basically, each totem goes in one of six rooms based on the riddle in the book.

  • Place the cat totem in room 4.
  • The fang totem goes in room 3.
  • Bat totem goes in room 2
  • Eye totem belongs in room 9
  • Beak totem goes in room 8
  • The moon totem belongs in 7

Then try to enter room 13, but it is locked.

Return to the ground floor and ring the little bell. Room 13 opens.

Enter, and in the brain’s tank, combine the salt, the detective’s pills, and the bartender’s wisdom. Cut the black sheet with the broken glass, and then light the book underneath the jar on fire to complete the game.

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