No Stone Unturned: Walkthrough with Achievement Guide

Here is a full walkthrough with 100% achievement for the game No Stone Unturned.



Enable Assist Mode in the Options, to show things you can interact with.
Interact with people and objects, and go through required dialogue.
2 playthroughs are requires for everything.

Playthrough 1

Day 1

What’s the word on the street?
You saw Jim here?
Somebody was tailing him?
What’s in the box?
We’ve known each other for a while, you could tell me – as pals.
Of course.
Alright, gotta get back to work. Don’t be a stranger.
{Courier’s daily bread}

Go to the Bar
{Left hanging}


Wrap up for the day

Day 2

Nah, delivery.
Kittens…? Unimportant. I think one might have run away.
{The Kitten’s Paw}
Chemical? That explains why it was salivating all over the carpet.
Dilated, I think…
This dose…?
Just very little, I’m working after all.
{Catnip connoisseur}
F*, is this s* strong.
Are you sure thi wa… Meow.

Go to Jim’s apartment.

Try to open the door, search the plant to find the key.
Open the door
{Wellness check}

Look at everything in the apartment, and again on the way out.

Go to the Bar

Wave over to Sal
The usual, Sal.
I’m fine.

Pick up drink on the Bar
{Inner voice}

Choose all 3 answers
That’s all for now.

Wrap up for the day

Day 3

Look for something to wipe them off.
Smell it.
Read it.
Keep it as a good luck charm.

Password? We didn’t agree on a password.
{Big Brother’s watchlist}
We take utmost care in delivering the packages without involving any third party.
Lackeys? You mean anyone in particular?
I’m looking around and only see the other apartments on this floor.
Chill, I haven’t talked to anyone.
Yeah, there’s surveilance cameras at every corner.
Think I could get my hands on this footage?

Go to the Crime Scene

What happened here?
{Street sweeping}
I don’t think I understand.
Was supposed to meet someone not far from here.
With a courier, I have a package to pick up.
Any names written down?
Yeah, curious…

Go to the Bar

Hey, Sal…
Tobey’s not working…
Meant to ask about Jim.
Thanks, Sal.
Now that you ask, you could top me up.
I’m not picky tonight.

Pick up drink at the Bar

With each passing day, you grow more worried about him.
Knows someone who could help you.
He always got along with Jim.
That’s all.

Sorry, no clue where he is.
Why don’t you look for him yourself?

Then how come you’re here?
You do you, I gotta go.

Go to Tobey’s apartment
Look inside and interact with everything, again on the way out.
{Day off}
Wrap up for the day

Day 4

What? No. Truth be told, I doubt anyone’d be interested in schools after hours.
In what sense are they rounding people up?
The usual?
Circling back to theese incidents involving the police.
Know anything more about this?
No, just that I’d rather play it safe if anything’s going on.
You think someone’s been blowing the whistle?
Best to watch your step then.
So all of these deliveries are GPUs? Wouldn’t it be simpler to stay legal and earn real money?
So you’re not so passive after all.
I won’t be keeping you busy any longer. Thanks for being helpful.

Go to Attorney at Crime

I’m the courier, the receptionist mentioned you were expecting me
How did you know I’d show up?
Could you help me out, then?
You say that to every client that steps through that door?
F* off. I’m not gonna leave him hanging if I don’t even know whther he’s still alive.
What’s the offer?
Mistook him for whom?
Before all that, have you heard anything about Harbor Street?
Did you, or not?
In which house?
{Going, going, gone!}
Margolis, apartment 603…

Jim – I want to know where he is, if he’s alive.
How do you know that and havne’t come up with it on the fly?
You stand by that intel, it’s legit?
What’s the address?
Thanks, Paul. Thank you.

Jim – I want to know where he is, if he’s alive.
That oughta be everybody, nobody else crosses my mind.
{Attorney at crime}

Go to the Bar

I went to Tobey’s…
He’s dead, Sal.
No clue, it seems like someone had broken in and whacked him.
I also don’t have any idea who might have done it.
I suspect he might have been an informer.
He had photos of Jim at work. Why would he be taking them?
That’s all I know at the moment.
Does Harbor Street ring a bell?
I suppose.
I see.
Surprise me.
That’s all for tonight.
{Same as always}

Pick up drink at the Bar
Bitcoin baron…
Saw that you’re armed.
Got involved in the wrong crowd.
That’s all.

Wrap up for the day

Day 5

DO NOT pick up a package
Instead, interact with the Delivery Van

The city consumed him, I won’t let it do the same to me.
{Tabula rasa}

After Credits, from Menu Load game

Look at all the clues gathered so far.
Look at the Map on the left side of your office.

Take a closer look.
Harbor Street?

Pick up a Package
Go to Harbor Street

Hello, Jim.
I doubt it.
I don’t think there’s any explaining left to do.
You betrayed us…
Goodbye, Jim.
{Make it quick}

Load game

Hello, Jim.
I doubt it
Go on then, I’m all ears.
Jim, stop f*ing about and get to it.
Had to do?
I always thought we were a family to you.
But you had no second thoughts about backstabbing us and f*ing everything up.
Why would they lock you up? We never had any problems with that.
You mean?
Took you long to decide?
We were friends, you could at least…
The last time I saw you, why were you so nervous?
I understand.
I’ll disappear, like you. Won’t be in the city by the evening.
I don’t want to know you. Enjoy your new life, don’t waste it like the last.
Don’t bother.
{Harbor Street}

Playthrough 2

Day 1

Deliver package
Don’t talk more than you need to
Wrap up for the day (Instead of going to the Bar)

Day 2

Deliver package
Don’t talk more than you need to
Go to Jim’s apartment
Go inside and look around
Wrap up for the day

Day 3

Deliver package
Don’t talk more than you need to
Visit the Attorney at Crime
Exhaust all Dialogue
{Attorney at crime}
Wrap up for the day

Day 4

Deliver package
Don’t talk more than you need to
Go to Jim’s apartment
Go inside and look around
Wrap up for the day

Day 5

Deliver package

Alone, as always.
I don’t know, we don’t check. I only deliver.
Your first time?
First time you’re ordering via NQA?
Easy, you can count on us.
Where to leave the package?

{New client}


Thanks to Na for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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