No More Heroes: How to Put Heavenly Star Back

A guide on how to put Heavenly Star back into the game.   Download To download the mod, go to this link: drive(dot)google(dot)com/file/d/12P9qQ5aFLeb3FSbfcKfb3o8Xvkgu5mGr/view Credit to @prelunatics on Twitter for this mod!!! Credit where credit’s due: https://twitter(dot)com/prelunatics UPDATE: There are some incorrect placements of the song in this mod, and since it isn’t mine I made … Read more

No More Heroes: Combat Tech Guide

A little guide to make your deep dish pizza taste better and go down easier.   Dark Stepping Dark Stepping is sort of the NMH equivalent of Bayonetta’s Witch Time where if you perform it at the right time, the background darkens, time slows down, and you get a bunch of free hits. Dark Stepping … Read more