NINJA GAIDEN Master Collection NINJA GAIDEN Σ: Chapter 1 Boss Murai Guide

I’m sure many of new players will have a difficult time with Murai, even it’s just a first stage boss. Don’t worry. Murai is a notoriously difficult boss. It’s not actaully a problem with any of the new player’s skill. Even some later bosses are easier than this one.


1. Video

Before I start, I wish you watch my video as an example.

2. Distance
Don’t get close, nor get too far.
Keep attention on my video. I keep distance that murai starts attack.
If you get closer than this, he will grab you. Grab ignores your guarding stance.
If he tries to grab you, you must to do dodge, not guard.
All kind of grabbing you can’t guard, but you can dodge it.
Most of grabbing pattern has a fair amount of the recovery time.
And you can simply attack 1~3 times while they’re on their recoverying.

3. Don’t attack more than 2 times.
If you’re just spamming attack, he will block all of your attack no matter what kind of attack you try.
And eventually he will grab and throw you.Hit only 1~2 time as fast as you can and keep your distance.

4. I-frame
-Dodge ( Guard with L Stick )
-Wind Run ( Square + Cross – PS / X + A – XBOX )
-Wind Path ( Jump on enemy’s head )
-Flying Swallow ( Jump toward enemy + Triang / Y )These skills have I-frame.
As a new starter, you don’t have much skills yet.
But you’re starting with this and you’ll get “Flying Swallow” Scroll in the early part of the Chapter 1.
Dodge has very very short I-frame. Don’t expect like Dark soul rolling. It’s shorter than Monster Hunter series dodge. But it works if you use at the right time.

Wind run is most important skill to know.
This game dosesn’t have “Lock On” Target system. But Wind run find closest and it provides you a lock on type movement. You willl jump toward your target and you can perform either Wind path or Flying Swallow ( Later chapter, you can lear a skill thatn you can grab and throw your enemy. )

5. Only attack when you can 100% hit Murai.
-Murai’s charging dash attack is most of good chance.
If he charges, dodge it first. Right after dodge, perform “Wind Run” then “Flying Swallow” or “Helmet Splitter” I recommend Helmet splitter. Flying Swallow doesn’t have I-frame at the end of attack.-3rd Combo
After Murai’s 3rd combo, you can attack him 1~2 times. It’s very short time therefore don’t try if you think it’s too far or close from him.

After Murai’s rolling you can attack him 1~2 time

6. Use your Shortcut
D-pad is shortcut for potion. keep your health mor than 50%
And there is one hidden potion in the boss room. If you break Left of big boggle, you will find a potion.Don’t rage quit. Select + R3 ( Changed. It was Select + Start before ) is soft Reset. You’ll go back to the title screen.

If you think you are not gonna make it, just press start + select button instead of
watching horrible long death screen.

By Meep

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